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Well I thought my toothache had subsided- after a course of Antibiotics- but no It’s back with a vengeance and after seeing the my French Dentist in an emergency this morning- the decision is made- it has to come out- but unfortunately not until the infection has gone! So I am hoping for some respite when all the medication kicks in- as all this pain and lack of sleep is a nightmare.  Thank you all for your kind thoughts- Good Luck yourself GW for Monday- My extraction is Thursday. Must go get some more Clove Oil. Not so much blogging and Not such Brightest Blessings.


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What a pain!

Well- firstly apologies for not blogging away daily- with my usual ramblings. I have been completely knocked back with a very nasty Abcess under one of my wisdom!! ha ha teeth. My Goddess I did not realise what a pain it could be- excuse the pun. I have not been able to eat – sleep- work- just do anything normal- properly for just over a week now. Finally it has subsided- and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. So I am now playing catch up- at work- at home- in the garden and ofcourse here too. The children are due back this coming Sunday with my parents- so I have that to sort. As it’s Brad’s birthday next Wed- Sam’s next Fri and Mom’s next Sat. Cakes- Prezzies- Surprises etc etc. The camera will be returning too- so I can post some Holiday & Garden snaps. So that’s it for now- hope to get a chance to catch up with you all on your blogs too. Brightest Blessings.

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So today- Tuesday 24th- we set out bright & early- with sandwiches- squash & sun lotion to spend the day on the beach. Not my usual thing really- I get bored- I don’t like to sunbathe- I like to do. Woolacombe has miles of beach and also some interesting dunes. So the kids body boarded on & off- flew the stunt kite a few times and had fun with the frisbee. While I minded the paraphernalia we had brought along. This was the day I got burnt- altho the sun was barely peeping thru the thin cloud layer. Yes I had a high factor on and most of me was covered up! But it did catch my chest & lower legs.

So I meditated- self reikied- read a book and generally watched the world go by. The seagulls were even more bold than the other day- walking right up to our bags- expecting to find unattended sandwiches or crisps. I did see them getting away with some stuff from other peoples bags. Bradley thought it was hilarious- He held up a piece of sarni and then once 1 or 2 seagulls seemed interested he legged it down the beach and pretended to fall over as a whole flock of them swooped at him. He was totally unafraid- but once he had been pooped on he soon changed his mind.

When the kids came back to dry out & eat- I had a wonder on the dunes- there seems to be a lot of conservation going for the wild life- bird life & plant life- So well done Devon.

It was a full day well spent and well enjoyed. The following day Wednesday 25th we visited Saunton sands- another very long beach. The activity here was much more rough & rugged. The waves much higher and speedier. Surfers and water skiers and kite surfers a plenty so the kids did’n’t feel so out of place. Again another good day.

Our final full day- we spent in Ilfracombe and Combe Martin- souvenir shopping etc and sampling the pasties & ice creams and the clotted cream teas. It is a good job we did alot of walking or the goddess knows how much weight we could have put on. And so the holiday comes to a close– to be continued.

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Our holiday exploration for Monday- Exmoor. I wanted to see the Hoar Oak- the current one was planted in 1917- but where it stands there has been an oak tree since 1610. BUT! my map reading is somewhat hap hazzard and the map we had very vague- So I did not get to hug the tree. So we went off to Tarr Steps, on the way catching a glimpse of a small herd of exmoor Ponies- Tarr Steps is an ancient clapper bridge dating back 1000BC- with many of the stone spans weighing upto 5 tons. We walked along the River Barle for a nearly an hour- crossing over the bridge to the otherside to return to the Steps. Along the way we saw Kingfishers- Damselflys- many fish as the water was crystal clear and not very deep. A beautifull tranquil area indeed. Pictures to follow soon.

 This time when we left Tarr Steps- I got a bit lost- again and we came across a larger herd of the rare Exmoor Ponies. They were so oblivious to us- carried on munching away and watching over their foals. We also saw Deer- Squirrels- Birds Of Prey. It was wonderful just watching the wildlife getting on with their daily lives- wondering what these mad people were at- tripping over and hiding behind gorse bushes and boulders to get a look at them.

Then me in my wisdom decided I wanted to see the highest point in Devon on Exmoor. Map reader gone mad- I fell over a stile leading to a view point I thought was the highest point- realising that it was further along. There I was lieing in the grass listening to the Skylarks way above me & the laughter from my partner & children. I still have not lived it down. So we traipsed across the farmers field- found the ordinance survey pointer to prove it was the highest point- then off to Woolacombe for a few hours on the beach- At least I couldn’t get us lost there- everyone else knew the way. More soon.

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Around 2.30 am  on Sunday 22nd- I joined the Global Eden meditation- started of in Yellowstone National Park. I decided to sit in the lounge of our holiday apartment- looking out across the sea at combe. The meditation was to visualize being inside 2 pyramids- one upright & one inverted- it was somewhere around this point when I felt my whole body shaking briefly from head to toe. The feeling reminded me of the minor earthquake in Birmingham a few years ago- similar whole body shaking. It was brief – but after, I felt a warm inner glow. I crept back to bed after an hour- to await & awake for another day.

And so we journeyed to Lynton & Lynmouth. Lynton is famous for the Vernacular train and Lynmouth sadly for the flood of 1952. Which afterwards many precautions were taken to ensure things like this would not happen again -, but it did not so long ago at Boscastle. So we took the water powered train from Lynton down to Lynmouth and then walked to Watersmeet and back- Sampling the Pasties and Ice cream along the way as it was another lovely day. Will pop the piccies on soon.

Took the children to Woolacombe beach just before teatime and spent a good few hours Kiteflying and frisbeeing whilst they body boarded. Again returned to another naughty supper- but with all this activity- no fear of fat building and as It’s my holiday too- I refused to cook. More Later….

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So on Friday 20th about 10.30 ish we set off on the M42- M5 down south- heading for Bristol and beyond. Quite an uneventful journey- passing various familiar landmarks- that always remind me I am on my hols. The Malvern Hills- The Giant Running Straw Man- The Avonmouth Bridge- The farmers field with the almost lifesize model Giraffe and Camel and ofcourse the moment the M5 is split level- thats when you know you have crossed the boundary from hum drum normal life to Holiday adventure time.

We set out a little later as we could not get into our holiday apartment until 3 and as this was the first time in years we had had a 7 day holiday ( We usual have 4 or 5 day breaks) we took our time. Crossing over Exmoor was a dream- The sun was shining- There was very little traffic and you could smell the freshness in the air. We arrived at Combe Martin at 2.30 and our apartment was ready so we got straight in to unpack- quick cup of tea and explore.

We could see the harbour and the sea from our apartment window- and the walk down was a mere 5 minutes. The walk back seemed much longer but then again it was a very steep hill! Combe is a quaint still unspoilt by commercialism little town. The beaches are very rocky and pebbly. I was worried the children would dissaprove as they had brought their body boards. But no- they loved it and the nearest beaches were only a 15 minute drive away. They both said it was a family holiday- for us all to enjoy- not just for them.

We wondered thru the town shops- discussed our plans for the next few days- climbed back to our apartment to change for dinner- Then had the obligotary Fish & Chip supper in the Pub on the sea front. The sunset this Solstice day was glorious- I will put it up when I get the camera back.

The weather forecast for Saturday was a little grim- So we decided to spend the day shopping in Ilfracombe- that way if it rained we could shop & shelter. It merely drizzled on & off and after walking up & down the highstreet- we headed for the Harbour. I remembered there used to be a fabulous artist there. He painted wonderful panoramic views- they looked like you were looking thru a fish eye lense of a camera. Alas he had gone. So I consoled myself with a clotted cream ice cream as did the others. We sat at the Harbour end to munch and Bradley was just nearing the end of his-when he held his hand up and said ” What If I” that’s as far as he got- before a huge seagull swooped down and took the bottom of his cornet away.  He was just going to ask- Would they? Oh yes they would and did. It was very funny.

So back to Combe- this time to the little cafe for Cornish pasties for tea. Well- when in Rome- Well I know it’s Devon – but it is close to Cornwall- They are neighbours. More to follow.

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So the holiday started on Thursday 19th- with the journey from Leitrim down to Dun laoghaire for the ferry. In my wisdom- I allowed 3 hours ( just incase) and we arrived an hour early! We would have missed the early morning mist rising from the Loughs and the meadows if we had been a little later and also the rainbow halo around the sun as it peeped thru the thin layer of clouds. So we watched the comings & goings of the wonderfull boats in the marina and the antics of the sparrows. The sparrows were perched on open car windows taking crumbs offered and jumping in & out of the cars front grills picking off the dead bugs- They are so bold.

The sea journey was very calm- and we managed to see a few dolphins and tons of jellyfish. The journey through Wales as always was a wonderfull aray of green hills and valleys and to the left of us the beautifull coastline.

Arrived at Parents mid afternoon with a flurry of activity as both my parents and both my sisters and hubbies and kids turned up to see us all- as we were off to Devon the next morning. So much to catch up on in so little time, I have not seen them since this time last year- but we would make up for that the following weekend.

I managed to sneek away for half an hour to watch the Solstice sunset from Meriden- The centre of England- it holds such happy childhood memories for me- it just seemed the place for me to be to meditate at that time.

The Solstice sunrise was a little differant- I was barefoot in the garden of my birthplace- alone yet surrounded by nature and warmth and a feeling of such joy for life. Not a care in the world- just peaceful and calm and contented. For the rest of the day I seemed to be full of energy and bursting with excitement.

The rest of the family were up just after 8 and we prepared for our Devonshire adventure. To Follow.

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