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So I have just done my first 3 day stint back in to work after 55 days away. Everyone was so pleased to see me back and I have felt very blessed and a little bit Molly Coddled. I am so grateful for the friendship & support my collegues have shown me- BUT the underlieing issues in the workplace itself are still bubbling away. My boss assured me all was in order, all issues or most where sorted. Although I have been in for only 3 days- having slid back so easily into my position- I have picked up on the vibes around me. The same vibes that pushed me out of sync.

So, the only thing at the moment – is to make sure I am well protected against all this negativity- try not to let the others bring me down. I can listen and offer solutions to my colleagues- but I always get too emtionally involved and take it to heart. I’m not ready for that again- not yet.

So without trying to seem heartless and unfriendly- I have been walking away, when backbiting starts, not allowing customers or colleagues to intimidate me and instead of rushing to fit in a day and a halfs work in a day!- Just doing my own days worth in that day. Oh and not taking work home with me.

Ultimately, I need to move on and in another direction- But whilst I have a job in this world recession- I need to keep it, until I can find some thing else.

Where all this will lead, I do not know. But I thank the Goddess for seeing me through and making me realise there are many good reasons for me to be around- My 2 children & wonderful hubby- my family & friends. The beautiful world we live in, mother nature and the magic all around us.


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