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September witchy wrap up

Although I am back in the “Real World” I haven’t really returned- to the same me  that I was before my little “episode”. This is infact a good thing- I am finding myself a whole lot less stressed over things I have no or little control over. I can smile & carry on and if an obstacle- or issue arrives- one I can do nothing with personally- I am passing it on to the person who can- instead of bottling things up and trying to do somebody else’s job. Why I never listened to my partner who all this time- has said ” As long as you do your best in your job- let everyone else get on with their’s”.

So here I am still under Doctors orders- but am slowly weening off the med’s- listening to the good advise- protecting myself daily with a sheild of bright rainbow bubbles and generally being- feeling positive.

My interest in all my favourite hobbies has returned- I have more energy- find time passing slower when doing my favourite stuff too.  More me time and family time, witchy time- nature time.

So September- my birthday month has been a complete turn around from the beginning to its end and I feel I can now look to the future from a better perspective. I quite like the new Me!


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