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October Witchy wrap up

October has been a very busy witchy month- lots acheived- cleansing and charging- crystals, the whole house, my work place and my sisters house. My sister gave me a Tibetan singing bowl for my birthday- so I chimed it in all the rooms to help lift the spirits. Samhain celebration with my son and his friends- lots of House decorating and Spooky cooking- then doing my own special ritual of remembrance for my ancestors and family , friends and pets passed- once the kids had all gone home or to bed.

I am feeling so much better- brighter- and am finding not only do I have time for my own special things- I like to do- but I have found more time to enjoy and join in the lives of my friends & family.

Happy Samhain- Happy New Year to all my Pagan- Witchy friends.


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