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The third year that we have attended this wonderful gathering. Each year more and more countries and cities are joining in. 122 countries against 88 last year.

At home- we switch everything off including the freezer- light candles and talk (how novel).

This year we all choose to retell the storyline of our favourite films- with the odd twist and more humour. My son won hands down telling the scary story of “THE FOG” in the accent of an old Irish Sea Dog. It was hilarious and not in the least bit scarey.

It amazes me how easy and simple this little effort is- but also how far reaching. It also amazes me how many people- just didn’t bother. I seriously hope that more of these gatherings can be arranged- not yearly- but monthly- weekly- and that the countries who get involved really impress on the importance- via their governments and through media. We could all do with getting behind this. We have only one Earth- which we share with all manner of creatures and plants etc- we are the only ones having a major detrimental impact- so we are the ones that need to shake ourselves up abit and make an effort to start to put right the many wrongs. XxX – Brightest Blessings.

As an after thought- someone on another site Pooh Poohed the whole Earth Hour thing- saying it has no effect- that all the candle lighting causes more damage- but I think they are missing the point. From little acorns grow great oaks- this is just the beginning- a drop in the ocean and the ripples are far reaching. We have to start somewhere- fairy fluffers- hippy chicks- flower power type people- whatever names are called out- getting the attention and being a part of the start is what counts.


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I got up just before Sunrise- to light the equinox black & white candles- we kept them going all day and night- right through to the following dawn.

I stood in the outdoor circle that my partner created for me a few years back, barefoot in the dew and watched and listened. As the Sun was slowly rising and the birds merrily singing- I could here the newly arrived lambs bleeting in the nearby field and the water rushing over the weir at the Canal further in the distance.

Blackbirds, Thrushes, Robins, Wrens, Crows, Magpies, Coal Tits, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Green Finch, Chaffinch, Bullfinch, Linnets, Starlings, Sparrows and Gold Crests- could be seen and heard- what a wonderful Dawn Chorus they made.

A wonderful beginning to the Vernal Equinox- only marred by the fact I had to work- but returned home before Sunset to carry on with the celebrations. Hope you all enjoyed the Equinox. XxX Brightest Blessings.

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Gonna get up at Sunrise- to greet the start of the day- then unfortunately gotta go to work. But will be home in time to cut the equinox cake (Thankyou Serrenog for the idea)and share with the family at Sundown. Ostara altar set up- black and white candles to the ready- gonna hold a quiet contemplative ritual- outdoors if the weather holds. Spending the time in the Garden as the cold and dark days of winter are over taken by the rebirth and vigour of new life of spring- you can almost feel the surge in the air and at your feet.  What ever you do enjoy the Equinox. XxX Brightest Blessings

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A celtic Irish Goddess of fertility. She can be seen in wood and stone carvings all over Ireland and other countries. She is depicted as woman showing herself off to all and sundry. Found on Churches, Castles, caves- walls etc they are said to ward off death and evil. Happy Sheila Na Gig Day I say. XxX Brightest Blessings

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What a busy time it has been these past few days- on a witchy level and a mothers level and well life in general level. It seems I must have swallowed a spring is sprung pill too. Putting on a pace and dancing the quick step, rushing around getting upto allsorts.

The Garden is looking spruce with all the tidying and will be an absolute riot of growth and colour with all these seeds and bulbs we have planted. The birds are on a feeding frenzy and practically knock on the window when stocks are getting low. You can see them pairing up and getting all Coochy coo- soon be nesting and bringing up their own little ones.

The house has had a physical and spiritual cleanse and declutter and now the weather has turned milder, can have its daily 20 minutes or more fresh air- to re-energise the chi.

So to all my pagan ritual paraphernalia and my indoor and outdoor ritual/ meditation area- all feels renewed and envigorated- ready to take on the rest of 2010.

Mothers day was a real fun getogether. Lots of treats for me- and lots of time with my kids- and lots of good food to share. My daughter has had confirmation for her place at University this coming September- so next years Mothers Day will be quite differant- need to make the very best of the time she is still at home with me.

Today is a new moon- so I will flip my silver coin again and hold a quiet ritual of thanks to the Goddess. Whatever you do- Enjoy. XxX. Brightest Blessings.

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It has now been 5 days of glorious sunshine and warm weather during the day- but with some scarey frosts over night. I have followed my urge to get out and Garden. Leaves and twigs removed from Lawns and Borders- Bulbs planted, some already straight into the ground, seeds in seed trays and sitting all warm and cosy in the Greenhouse.

Spending time outdoors in the fresh air in the Garden- is always soothing to the soul- and with all the buzz of the birds and bees ( wasps) too, the plants peeping up it is invigorating aswell. Time to cast of the sluggishness of winters hibernation and step up a pace to join in the start of growth and new life.

Certainly gonna get some more tittivating done today- besides the crows are cawing- it must be time to go feed them and the other feathery friends out there.

Whatever the Weather- Enjoy XxX

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4 days in bed

I know- some of you are thinking- lucky you- or lazy bum. Well actually the bum part is a factor- but it was a tummy bug- it has had me floored ( closeted) since Saturday am. Finally I can feel it easing- but am taking no chances and staying very close to home ( bathroom).

That said I have had plenty of time for reflection and planning and preparation. I have organised computor files, categorised digital photo’s, booked flights to uk for Summer break at Centre Parcs, booked some fun activities while we are there. Applied for my daughters Uni grant- looked into online uni course for myself and generally got correpondance and business type stuff in order.

From my bedroom window I can see the sun rise and watch it for a good 3 hours pass across- I can also see and hear the birds on the bird feeder- so this has been a comfort to me too.

My daughter is currently busy getting her Portfolio ready for her interview for Uni. She asked could she draw me whilst I was stuck in bed- to which I replied not likely- did she want to scare the interviewers?

The portrait she drew the other day- made me look like Joni Mitchell- which I am quite happy with- the one I refused to sit for would have had me look like I’d been dragged thru the hedge backwards.

Yesterday- Noel finally had the stitches out from his cataract op- so he is feeling a bit sore- but intime this will pass and once we have the new glasses he will be able to go fishing with renewed vigour.

Today he has taken my beloved black BMW for her yearly MOT! I gave her some reiki and have been thinking of her sinec he left- no news yet- so fingers crossed- she is my little darling.

So now after 3 days of almost nil by mouth- I’m gonna try a little cereal- feeling quite hungry- even the birdfood is looking good. XxX

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