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Up at Dusk- just after 4:00- prepared my Litha Ritual for the Sunrise this Solstice Morn- Sunrise is 4:58 here in Leitrim. So in my outdoor circle I shall shortly be- the dawn chorus this morning is incredible. To all the folk at Tara- the Solstice celebrations from Noon yesterday till my departure at Sunset- thankyou for a fine afternoon and evening of celebrations and world healing. I’m sure you folk have been enjoying your ongoing gathering right on through the night. Welcome to the longest day- the wheel of the year keeps turning. Much love and light and Blessings Bright. Magical Litha everyone.XxX


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Summer Solstice 2010

Wow- Pertussis knocked me for 6- still rattling and hacking – but finally it is dwindling. So with the approaching Solstice- it is time to redress the balance. I have been just so Robotic- plodding from one day to the next, with no real rhyme or reason and just existing- not really living.

So from the waxing moon to the soon coming full, I have been gently weaning myself back into my Pagan Path and practising a little more and sharing with others the joy’s of my journey. Rereading and putting into practice allsorts of my eclectic pagan/wiccan rituals and spells and pastimes.

I cleansed and cleared the whole house- using Pagan blessings and Feng Shui methods and then went round to stay with a friend and did the same there- as she was suffering with the doldrums and felt the home needed a lift.

I have been doing Reiki on myself- family and friends- even some of my Garden plants that suffered in the severe frosts of the past winter. Just today a little bluetit flew into the window at work and I placed him in my hand for a few minutes for rest and a little Reiki- poor little mite was stunned- after a short while he opened his eyes and uncurled his clenched claws to take a grip on my finger. I popped him down in a raised flower bed and after another rest he flew away.

This Solstice I am hoping to be at the Hill of Tara, the ancient seat of the high Kings of Ireland celebrating with other Pagans alike. This year seems to be passing so quickly and as the longest day arrives- so to my resolve to balance- work against family and actually living- for the good of Gaia- nature the world all around us.

Whatever you intend- Much Love and Light and Blessings Bright. XxX

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