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The Books

These are the beautiful books that I am finally going to start to put all my witchy stuff into-

and so far- we have the title pages- now gotta knuckle down to the content.

Don’t hold your breath- its gonna be a long process.


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OOps- what ever happened

Life has been- hectic to say the very least- since my last post in JUNE?Kids off to uk all Summer- Daughter left for good to head to uni- Son starting the “Big School”- going back to fulltime work- Family birthdays and gatherings and well just lifein general. Well it is time to decide what I’m doing with my blog? Use it or loose it!

The answer is- Use it. Two yules ago my children and partner bought me some beautiful blank books- which frankly are still blank- I am going to use them as My Dream book- Grimoire- Spell Book’s etc but I want to get the writing, wording, grammar right first time. I intend to write in the Calligraphy style of the Gothic Hand and I’m gonna use my blog page as the sounding board- the rough copy as it were.

So if you check in here- now and again- let me know how it looks and sounds- before I set it in stone ( well ink pen and paper).

Gonna go over some old stuff- as there are a few spells and rituals on here that will need to be written- so if I repeat myself- put it down to age- and the fact I have a brain that will  not retain.

Happy Reading XxX LaterXxX

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