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OOps- what ever happened

Life has been- hectic to say the very least- since my last post in JUNE?Kids off to uk all Summer- Daughter left for good to head to uni- Son starting the “Big School”- going back to fulltime work- Family birthdays and gatherings and well just lifein general. Well it is time to decide what I’m doing with my blog? Use it or loose it!

The answer is- Use it. Two yules ago my children and partner bought me some beautiful blank books- which frankly are still blank- I am going to use them as My Dream book- Grimoire- Spell Book’s etc but I want to get the writing, wording, grammar right first time. I intend to write in the Calligraphy style of the Gothic Hand and I’m gonna use my blog page as the sounding board- the rough copy as it were.

So if you check in here- now and again- let me know how it looks and sounds- before I set it in stone ( well ink pen and paper).

Gonna go over some old stuff- as there are a few spells and rituals on here that will need to be written- so if I repeat myself- put it down to age- and the fact I have a brain that will  not retain.

Happy Reading XxX LaterXxX


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Been busy with w–k and family life and dashing here and there. Getting the house and garden back together after having the roof retiled and a new sewage system put in. Got so run down caught Pertussis ( Whooping cough) which is very very persistant despite having had all the jabs. So- have had little time to blog- have been spending time with Gaia and just listening and being- havent had the strength to do much else. Meditating, Dreaming and gathering strength. Once I’ve shaken this cough- its time to step it up a notch and get back on the right path- instead of dragging my feet and procrastinating. I have been allowing others to keep me down- hold me back- go with their flow- but I feel the tide is turning and pushing me gently- to clear warm calm waters. Looking forward to sharing the journey. Brightest Blessings and Magical Dreams. XxX

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4 days in bed

I know- some of you are thinking- lucky you- or lazy bum. Well actually the bum part is a factor- but it was a tummy bug- it has had me floored ( closeted) since Saturday am. Finally I can feel it easing- but am taking no chances and staying very close to home ( bathroom).

That said I have had plenty of time for reflection and planning and preparation. I have organised computor files, categorised digital photo’s, booked flights to uk for Summer break at Centre Parcs, booked some fun activities while we are there. Applied for my daughters Uni grant- looked into online uni course for myself and generally got correpondance and business type stuff in order.

From my bedroom window I can see the sun rise and watch it for a good 3 hours pass across- I can also see and hear the birds on the bird feeder- so this has been a comfort to me too.

My daughter is currently busy getting her Portfolio ready for her interview for Uni. She asked could she draw me whilst I was stuck in bed- to which I replied not likely- did she want to scare the interviewers?

The portrait she drew the other day- made me look like Joni Mitchell- which I am quite happy with- the one I refused to sit for would have had me look like I’d been dragged thru the hedge backwards.

Yesterday- Noel finally had the stitches out from his cataract op- so he is feeling a bit sore- but intime this will pass and once we have the new glasses he will be able to go fishing with renewed vigour.

Today he has taken my beloved black BMW for her yearly MOT! I gave her some reiki and have been thinking of her sinec he left- no news yet- so fingers crossed- she is my little darling.

So now after 3 days of almost nil by mouth- I’m gonna try a little cereal- feeling quite hungry- even the birdfood is looking good. XxX

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Winter witchy wrap up.

Oh yes we do need to wrap up too! December, January and february have seen lots of snow and ice and brightcrisp mornings and evenings. I have had plenty of witchy stuff to get upto too. With the Solstice- christmas- New Year- Blue moon- Imbolc- meeting up with fellow pagan’s at a pagan magazine launch- meeting new friends- House Cleansing- bit of feng Shui and lots of decluttering- physically and mentally.

So as Spring approaches and new life begins- so to is my enthusiasm to get with the bigger picture and not get bogged down with other peoples doom and gloom- throw caution to the wind- let my hair down and just enjoy  life and sharing it with my family and friends.

Roll on Roll on the wheel of the year.

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Sunday- no ordinary day!

Well certainly not this Sunday. It is a New Moon- and so too The Chinese New Year. This year it is the year of the Tiger. It is also Valentines Day. So much to plan and much to do.  For the New Moon- I shall find a silver coin and flip it over and place it on a windowsill- this has come from my good friend Harmonia. For the Chinese New Year- we have a full on chinese buffet planned- just gotta get some fortune cookies. For Valentines we will give each other special cards and spend the day together- lovely cooked brunch planned- then a walk in the countryside. We have been together for 11 Years and 3 months and been happily handfasted for a year and 11 months. Whatever you do enjoy. XxX Brightest Blessings.

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We had a funny combination for Dinner last night. It was Burns Night- a celebration of the Scottish Poet- Robert Burns, so we had Haggis, neeps and tatties- followed by a lovely full on Roast Beef Dinner. But instead of the “Balmoral Sundae” for Dessert we had Peach Melba- which is also quite appropriate as yesterday evening would already have been Australia Day- Australia’s national day and the peach melba was created for Nellie Melba a famous Australian Soprano.
I love all these reasons to celebrate and try differant countries foods- now my waist line is another story

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Well, what joy- my first 2 days of 2010 were initialy spent at work and nature decided to show its wondrous self to me. So today Sunday3rd as the family and I went for an afternoon stroll in the bright sunlit frosty air- a young adult fox appeared on the grassy path in front of us- stopped to take a sniff- then ambled off into the undergrowth. Further along on the canal siding- suddenly a Heron flew up from the bank a mere 10 feet in front of us. Very slow purposeful flight off to another less disturbed part of the canal- to carry on fishing.

I realise that we are lucky to live in this quiet rural area and should take more time to stop look and appreciate the joys of nature all around me. So much time is spent rushing from A to B- Workday/eve spent in an airconditioned stale air environment- getting stressed over trivial matters. What really matters is just being happy. My family make me happy- nature makes me happy- friends make me happy. We all need to make time to be happy.

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