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The Books

These are the beautiful books that I am finally going to start to put all my witchy stuff into-

and so far- we have the title pages- now gotta knuckle down to the content.

Don’t hold your breath- its gonna be a long process.


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The third year that we have attended this wonderful gathering. Each year more and more countries and cities are joining in. 122 countries against 88 last year.

At home- we switch everything off including the freezer- light candles and talk (how novel).

This year we all choose to retell the storyline of our favourite films- with the odd twist and more humour. My son won hands down telling the scary story of “THE FOG” in the accent of an old Irish Sea Dog. It was hilarious and not in the least bit scarey.

It amazes me how easy and simple this little effort is- but also how far reaching. It also amazes me how many people- just didn’t bother. I seriously hope that more of these gatherings can be arranged- not yearly- but monthly- weekly- and that the countries who get involved really impress on the importance- via their governments and through media. We could all do with getting behind this. We have only one Earth- which we share with all manner of creatures and plants etc- we are the only ones having a major detrimental impact- so we are the ones that need to shake ourselves up abit and make an effort to start to put right the many wrongs. XxX – Brightest Blessings.

As an after thought- someone on another site Pooh Poohed the whole Earth Hour thing- saying it has no effect- that all the candle lighting causes more damage- but I think they are missing the point. From little acorns grow great oaks- this is just the beginning- a drop in the ocean and the ripples are far reaching. We have to start somewhere- fairy fluffers- hippy chicks- flower power type people- whatever names are called out- getting the attention and being a part of the start is what counts.

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It is quite well known at work- my chosen path in life- and to my surprise it has been warmly accepted. Quite often during break times, I am asked – so what are u up to this week and I generally have something to tell. Today during my afternoon break one of the young gym staff members- told me all about his spiritual journey and began recommending books for me to read. To his & my surprise we had both read similar if not the same books. It may not seem odd to anyone else but he is at least 20 years younger than me & from a strong Catholic family. He did say most of his friends think he is a bit strange- but he also said- who are they to judge. A very sound & enlightened young man.  I am amazed everyday at what joy this Pagan path is showing me and all the amazing new friends I have found- onward & upward. Brightest Blessings.

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Where did it all begin?

How did I come to be on this path? A question my mother would love to know the answer to!

As I look back on my childhood- there is no one point I could say ” Ah- that’s when it happened”.  Brought up in a Church of England family, one set of Grandparents were the Church wardens at their tiny Oxfordshire village. At school we barely touched on other people’s beliefs and religions. But I do remember feeling that my parents way- was not the only way from quite a young age. I was an avid reader from around 5 onwards and vividly recall having to go to the junior library as the infant ones seemed too basic & silly. It was always facts or complete fantasy- nothing inbetween. As I approached my teens and had more freedom to choose, I began to collect allsorts of books. From Alternative Medicines to Self Help, Buhdism, Witchcraft etc etc.

I have always had a real love for nature- being outdoors- loving all creatures- nurturing & growing things and from my Grandma, Home baking and recycling- she could find a use for everything.Fascinated by the power of nature- The weather- The cycles of the Sun & Moon. Storm watching- the patterns created by lightening. Marveling at intricate ice & snow flakes like lacey doilies. Mist & Rainbows, I have endless photo’s of Rainbows- In fact the vast majority of my photo’s are scenery & nature, very few people.

 As soon as I could drive I was away on my travels- me my VW Beetle and my dog Sammy. Generally heading for the Sea- but also to Stone Henge, Glastonbury, Tintagel, The Merry Maids of Lamorna. Drawn to these places without really knowing why. Just drinking in the atmosphere- feeling energised, invigorated, inspired and at peace, intoxicating and unforgetable.

Well, here I am now having found a name for the way I am! That I do belong and am not the odd one out. I have finally found a place to call home and have joined a very large family. Brightest Blessings.

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