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I’m Back

Well it has only been 6 years- and what alot has happened since then. We have moved 4 times- and think we have finally settled in our little part 16th century stone cottage- but who knows. Both children have flown the nest- building lives for them selves in England.

We have been here at Druminshin since April 2015- The cottage itself inside is quaint- and has needed very little work to make it a home. Outside was a blank canvas- to the back-basically a nicely laid out patio with a surrounding wall- a large barn- which is Meggies Kennel- a large concrete compound and a sloping meadow/lawn/mossy area with a dry ditch on one side and a trickling stream on the other.

Out the front an enclosed paddock that the local farmer uses for his horses now and again and a wild meadow that wraps around the barn and heads back up the hill behind the cottage.

At each of our homes we have created an outdoor circle in some form or another- but the one we have created here is beneath a mature tree- in the middle of the meadow beside the cottage- so it changes with the seasons- making the connection with Gaia and the Sun & Moon more intense and wonderful.

Holding Sabbats, Esbats and Rituals here have all been wonderful and intense- my crystals have never felt so full of energy and magical workings have been very positive indeed. Having become a Feng Shui practitioner and a Reiki Healer over the last few years too- putting these into practice here has also been a positive bonus to our lives.

I’m glad to be back- and hope to blog on.




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What a busy time it has been these past few days- on a witchy level and a mothers level and well life in general level. It seems I must have swallowed a spring is sprung pill too. Putting on a pace and dancing the quick step, rushing around getting upto allsorts.

The Garden is looking spruce with all the tidying and will be an absolute riot of growth and colour with all these seeds and bulbs we have planted. The birds are on a feeding frenzy and practically knock on the window when stocks are getting low. You can see them pairing up and getting all Coochy coo- soon be nesting and bringing up their own little ones.

The house has had a physical and spiritual cleanse and declutter and now the weather has turned milder, can have its daily 20 minutes or more fresh air- to re-energise the chi.

So to all my pagan ritual paraphernalia and my indoor and outdoor ritual/ meditation area- all feels renewed and envigorated- ready to take on the rest of 2010.

Mothers day was a real fun getogether. Lots of treats for me- and lots of time with my kids- and lots of good food to share. My daughter has had confirmation for her place at University this coming September- so next years Mothers Day will be quite differant- need to make the very best of the time she is still at home with me.

Today is a new moon- so I will flip my silver coin again and hold a quiet ritual of thanks to the Goddess. Whatever you do- Enjoy. XxX. Brightest Blessings.

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It has now been 5 days of glorious sunshine and warm weather during the day- but with some scarey frosts over night. I have followed my urge to get out and Garden. Leaves and twigs removed from Lawns and Borders- Bulbs planted, some already straight into the ground, seeds in seed trays and sitting all warm and cosy in the Greenhouse.

Spending time outdoors in the fresh air in the Garden- is always soothing to the soul- and with all the buzz of the birds and bees ( wasps) too, the plants peeping up it is invigorating aswell. Time to cast of the sluggishness of winters hibernation and step up a pace to join in the start of growth and new life.

Certainly gonna get some more tittivating done today- besides the crows are cawing- it must be time to go feed them and the other feathery friends out there.

Whatever the Weather- Enjoy XxX

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Gardener Profile: Carol Elizabeth

Gardener Profile: Carol Elizabeth.

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So my thoughts for today were on housework catch up- as I only have today- due to a shift change at work. But when we awoke the sun was just peeking thru the early morning mist and it looked like it was going to be a lovely day. So we spent the best part of the day in the garden- mowing- strimming- window cleaning- moss clearing- trimming and seed collecting. As the Summer has been some what of a let down it has been such a long time since we had such time in the garden. Tho we are now exhausted- the garden looks a treat and we all some much needed fresh air. Now its off to the Kitchen for a lovely Sunday Dinner followed by a nice hot bath. Happy Days. Brightest Blessings.

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Finally- after being away for 12 days- then spending the last 5days catching up with unpacking- washing- ironing -oh and work aswell- I have finally found a few moments to reflect and catch my breath after the hols etc.

We had a fantastic time- with really good weather- even got a little sunburnt ( unintentionally as I am a stickler for using sun cream- before & after). Will blog all about it over the next few days. Would love to share photo’s, but the camera is with the children- so later there then.

I do love to be back at home tho- but my 2 children have stayed in the UK with their grandparents and will not be back until July end. So it seems strange pottering about the house- just Noel & I- kind of a bit lost and the day’s seem longer. That said we have plans to get on with jobs we have been putting of. Deep spring cleaning, decorating, tiling the kitchen, our bedroom ( which is the last one to be done) sore point!

All the plants here in Ireland seem to have coped very well- we put the hanging baskets in the garage- incase there was a heatwave. No such luck I’m afraid. Apparently it rained the whole time we  were away and it hasn’t really stopped since we returned. No Summer in Eire, so far and it is damp & chilly compared to Devon & the Midlands. My one dissapointment is my Irises- which decided to flower the minute we were away and have now faded on our return- little teasers. At least the lillies waited.

So I will end for now- get my thoughts together and tell you all about our time in Devon, starting tomorrow. Brightest Blessings.

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We had another fine day in the garden today. Plenty of planting and tending. The Honeysuckle is out and smells devine. My Iris’s are nearly there and the bee’s they are a buzzing. The Starlings on the other hand are completely bonkers- if they are not trying to break their necks flying into the windows they are flying down the blocked chimneys- which then have to be unblocked to reveal very sooty birds. Oh the fun we have. Brightest Blessings.

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