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OOps- what ever happened

Life has been- hectic to say the very least- since my last post in JUNE?Kids off to uk all Summer- Daughter left for good to head to uni- Son starting the “Big School”- going back to fulltime work- Family birthdays and gatherings and well just lifein general. Well it is time to decide what I’m doing with my blog? Use it or loose it!

The answer is- Use it. Two yules ago my children and partner bought me some beautiful blank books- which frankly are still blank- I am going to use them as My Dream book- Grimoire- Spell Book’s etc but I want to get the writing, wording, grammar right first time. I intend to write in the Calligraphy style of the Gothic Hand and I’m gonna use my blog page as the sounding board- the rough copy as it were.

So if you check in here- now and again- let me know how it looks and sounds- before I set it in stone ( well ink pen and paper).

Gonna go over some old stuff- as there are a few spells and rituals on here that will need to be written- so if I repeat myself- put it down to age- and the fact I have a brain that will  not retain.

Happy Reading XxX LaterXxX


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Gonna get up at Sunrise- to greet the start of the day- then unfortunately gotta go to work. But will be home in time to cut the equinox cake (Thankyou Serrenog for the idea)and share with the family at Sundown. Ostara altar set up- black and white candles to the ready- gonna hold a quiet contemplative ritual- outdoors if the weather holds. Spending the time in the Garden as the cold and dark days of winter are over taken by the rebirth and vigour of new life of spring- you can almost feel the surge in the air and at your feet.  What ever you do enjoy the Equinox. XxX Brightest Blessings

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Sunday- no ordinary day!

Well certainly not this Sunday. It is a New Moon- and so too The Chinese New Year. This year it is the year of the Tiger. It is also Valentines Day. So much to plan and much to do.  For the New Moon- I shall find a silver coin and flip it over and place it on a windowsill- this has come from my good friend Harmonia. For the Chinese New Year- we have a full on chinese buffet planned- just gotta get some fortune cookies. For Valentines we will give each other special cards and spend the day together- lovely cooked brunch planned- then a walk in the countryside. We have been together for 11 Years and 3 months and been happily handfasted for a year and 11 months. Whatever you do enjoy. XxX Brightest Blessings.

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Happy Winter Solstice

The shortest day to the longest night- and so from darkness into light.  A time to celebrate what has been and what is to come. To be thankful for all the good and for the experience of the not so good- for this will make us stronger. To join with friends and family share in the festivities of the season and just enjoy the company. Wishing all my friends a wonderful Solstice and a fantabulous Yule. Brightest Blessings.

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In my immediate family and also not so immediate- there are only 2 pagans- one being myself & I am Wiccan. The other my younger sister who is very eclectic indeed. Our families are well aware of our chosen paths and altho may be don’t understand all the in ‘s & out’s are happy for us – because we are happy. When it comes to the festivities of this particular season-  I had my own Solstice celebration on Sunday- which my family were involved in at some points during the day and now we are at christmas eve- and I will be involved in all that christmas entails with my family- ( I am the one who cooks) ( decorates) ( cleans) etc etc. Whatever religion- following- sharing in the joy and the celebrations with your nearest & dearest is the spirit of the season. Live & let live- an harm it none- thy will be done. Happy Yuletide.

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Yule is soon upon us

Well, altho the last couple of months have been a painful depressing blur- they are just a memory and the road to recovery and normality is at hand. My family, My friends, My partner and many many people, myself included have had a tough old time of it. So it is always heartening to hear from old friends and catch up with distant family at this time of year. The net- altho not as personal- has actually helped me to find lost contacts aswell as be in touch with family members more often- via e’mail etc. I posted all my cards- all recycled- or from sustainable sources. I will be sending my Solstice/Yule e’cards on Sunday-to my fellow pagans- and my christmas e’cards to family & friends- christmas eve.  The intent to send out love & joy to nearest & dearest no matter how its done- always fills me with love & joy- the more I send out- the happier I feel and it is infectious too. Just like a smile. So thank the Goddess my optimism & joy for life is returning- I was beginning to depress myself a while back. Wishing you all a fabulous Yule and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too.

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Where’d the time go?

Already its the 5th of December- A whole month has flown by- the Flu episode was just after Halloween and allsorts of things have happened. The recession has hit hard in the UK & Ireland- as it has across the world. My father has been made redundant- my partner is now on permanent disability- my work hours have been cut- and a whole host of harsh negative vibes are going on all around. All we can do is go with the flow- what will be will be- take it day by day a step at a time. It is however difficult to be the optimist- but thankfully I have my partner- my children- my family & friends and letting it out- discussing the emotions- sharing these lows & the highs- it really helps. With the coming Yuletide celebrations and the time we will be spending with our familys- I am so thankful for the joy that this brings- and I hope that everyone finds joy & happiness this Yule. Brightest Blessings.

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