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Gonna get up at Sunrise- to greet the start of the day- then unfortunately gotta go to work. But will be home in time to cut the equinox cake (Thankyou Serrenog for the idea)and share with the family at Sundown. Ostara altar set up- black and white candles to the ready- gonna hold a quiet contemplative ritual- outdoors if the weather holds. Spending the time in the Garden as the cold and dark days of winter are over taken by the rebirth and vigour of new life of spring- you can almost feel the surge in the air and at your feet.  What ever you do enjoy the Equinox. XxX Brightest Blessings


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We had a funny combination for Dinner last night. It was Burns Night- a celebration of the Scottish Poet- Robert Burns, so we had Haggis, neeps and tatties- followed by a lovely full on Roast Beef Dinner. But instead of the “Balmoral Sundae” for Dessert we had Peach Melba- which is also quite appropriate as yesterday evening would already have been Australia Day- Australia’s national day and the peach melba was created for Nellie Melba a famous Australian Soprano.
I love all these reasons to celebrate and try differant countries foods- now my waist line is another story

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Cake Baking

Well- sooner than you think- the festive season will be upon us. So I have just baked my christmas cake- well it does need at least 8 weeks to mature and have a weekly feed of brandy. This year it took well over 2 hours to pull out the stalks and nobbles- despite buying quality fruit. But it is therapeutic and allows the mind a breather from the pressures of the day. So now on to the delicacies for the Samhain celebrations on Friday. Brightest  Blessings.

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