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OOps- what ever happened

Life has been- hectic to say the very least- since my last post in JUNE?Kids off to uk all Summer- Daughter left for good to head to uni- Son starting the “Big School”- going back to fulltime work- Family birthdays and gatherings and well just lifein general. Well it is time to decide what I’m doing with my blog? Use it or loose it!

The answer is- Use it. Two yules ago my children and partner bought me some beautiful blank books- which frankly are still blank- I am going to use them as My Dream book- Grimoire- Spell Book’s etc but I want to get the writing, wording, grammar right first time. I intend to write in the Calligraphy style of the Gothic Hand and I’m gonna use my blog page as the sounding board- the rough copy as it were.

So if you check in here- now and again- let me know how it looks and sounds- before I set it in stone ( well ink pen and paper).

Gonna go over some old stuff- as there are a few spells and rituals on here that will need to be written- so if I repeat myself- put it down to age- and the fact I have a brain that will  not retain.

Happy Reading XxX LaterXxX


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So I have just done my first 3 day stint back in to work after 55 days away. Everyone was so pleased to see me back and I have felt very blessed and a little bit Molly Coddled. I am so grateful for the friendship & support my collegues have shown me- BUT the underlieing issues in the workplace itself are still bubbling away. My boss assured me all was in order, all issues or most where sorted. Although I have been in for only 3 days- having slid back so easily into my position- I have picked up on the vibes around me. The same vibes that pushed me out of sync.

So, the only thing at the moment – is to make sure I am well protected against all this negativity- try not to let the others bring me down. I can listen and offer solutions to my colleagues- but I always get too emtionally involved and take it to heart. I’m not ready for that again- not yet.

So without trying to seem heartless and unfriendly- I have been walking away, when backbiting starts, not allowing customers or colleagues to intimidate me and instead of rushing to fit in a day and a halfs work in a day!- Just doing my own days worth in that day. Oh and not taking work home with me.

Ultimately, I need to move on and in another direction- But whilst I have a job in this world recession- I need to keep it, until I can find some thing else.

Where all this will lead, I do not know. But I thank the Goddess for seeing me through and making me realise there are many good reasons for me to be around- My 2 children & wonderful hubby- my family & friends. The beautiful world we live in, mother nature and the magic all around us.

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2008 Blog Wrap Up.

Well- where to begin-As 2008 fades away and we are now into new beginnings- new year 2009- clean slate and all that. I have to take stock- re-evaluate- and adapt. My wonderful partner- to whom I became handfasted with in February this year- Has been literally thrown on the scrap heap at the young age of 52! He has become permanently disabled and so my priorities have had to change.  I need more time – on my days off work- to care & look after himself & my family- so computer time must be cut ( I am an addict) to the computer that is!!!. I am so grateful for all the fellow bloggers I have met and wish everyone the very best for 2009.  Just to say- I will be leaving my blogpage- and concentrating on homelife- due to the changing circumstances. I will still be popping into whitewicca.com. Hope to keep intouch- one way or another. Much love & light.Brightest Blessings.

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So today- Tuesday 24th- we set out bright & early- with sandwiches- squash & sun lotion to spend the day on the beach. Not my usual thing really- I get bored- I don’t like to sunbathe- I like to do. Woolacombe has miles of beach and also some interesting dunes. So the kids body boarded on & off- flew the stunt kite a few times and had fun with the frisbee. While I minded the paraphernalia we had brought along. This was the day I got burnt- altho the sun was barely peeping thru the thin cloud layer. Yes I had a high factor on and most of me was covered up! But it did catch my chest & lower legs.

So I meditated- self reikied- read a book and generally watched the world go by. The seagulls were even more bold than the other day- walking right up to our bags- expecting to find unattended sandwiches or crisps. I did see them getting away with some stuff from other peoples bags. Bradley thought it was hilarious- He held up a piece of sarni and then once 1 or 2 seagulls seemed interested he legged it down the beach and pretended to fall over as a whole flock of them swooped at him. He was totally unafraid- but once he had been pooped on he soon changed his mind.

When the kids came back to dry out & eat- I had a wonder on the dunes- there seems to be a lot of conservation going for the wild life- bird life & plant life- So well done Devon.

It was a full day well spent and well enjoyed. The following day Wednesday 25th we visited Saunton sands- another very long beach. The activity here was much more rough & rugged. The waves much higher and speedier. Surfers and water skiers and kite surfers a plenty so the kids did’n’t feel so out of place. Again another good day.

Our final full day- we spent in Ilfracombe and Combe Martin- souvenir shopping etc and sampling the pasties & ice creams and the clotted cream teas. It is a good job we did alot of walking or the goddess knows how much weight we could have put on. And so the holiday comes to a close– to be continued.

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Kids Summer Hols are Looming.

My Daughter- finishes school this wednesday for the Summer and my Son on the 20th of June. The school hols in Ireland are a little longer than the Uk- So keeping them occupied is a daunting prospect! So we have a holiday to Devon planned and then they are staying with their Grandparents in the UK for 4 weeks- after that its back home to celebrate both their birthdays. Then I need to get my thinking cap on to get us thru till the Mercian gathering in September. Never a dull moment. Brightest Blessings.

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After another Sunday Morning of gardening- Sowing lettuce- beetroot & carrot seed- I took time out in the afternoon to have a game of badminton with my 2 kids & partner. My son ever the comic- put his base ball cap on backwards- but he put the back strap in his mouth- making him look quite ridiculous. So I being the competitive Mom- wanting to play properly announced ” I’m not playing unless you play sensibly”. My son promptly carried on by serving the shuttlecock which came over the net- bounced off the top of my head- making everyone fall about laughing- including me. That’s what you get for taking things too seriously- this my son pointed out to me. Thank the Goddess we were not playing cricket! Brightest Blessings.

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Like Mother like Son.

My partner and I are on a bit of a health kick at the moment- as we both seem to have expanded slightly. So biscuits, chocolate and cake or off limits for a while- Potatoes, rice, pasta & bread drastically reduced and less sugar in the tea too. So the diet sorted- next is the exercise- my partner chooses to dig the garden and mow the lawns and I choose to walk in the countryside. My daughter of 16 chooses to stay at home with my honeybun, but my son of 11 chooses to come with me. As we are walking along- taking in the scenery, the warm weather, the nature all around us- I find it fascinating to see and hear a childs perspective of the things surrounding him. So simple- so beautiful. Sucking the nectar from the clover, skimming stones across the canal,watching the bubble rings of fish taking the flies from the surface of the water, spotting the nesting Kingfishers, guessing the birds from the bird song, jumping and springing about like a young lamb, so carefree-having  nothing to worry about. After an hours walk, I came back not only feeling exchilerated but also contented. Brightest Blessings.

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