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Brigid’s Fire- is a wonderful new pagan magazine for people living in Ireland and beyond. The launch was held on 16th Jan 2010 in Ennis, County Clare. It is written for the Irish Pagan community to give a voice to the  pagan people actually living in Ireland.

The launch was well attended and very much enjoyed. The guest speaker was Ray Sweeney, National Coordinator of Pagan Federation Ireland. His speech was thought provoking and calls to action, not just sitting in the back ground. He  has been duly registered on the Register of Solemnisers, so it is now possible to be legally married in a Pagan ceremony in Ireland. In his own special way Ray shared the story. It took 5 years and multiple phone calls and stubborn strength to battle with councils and politicians, but in the end they gave in and granted him the status of Solemnizer.

The Magazine Editors are Daithi O’Laoidhigh ( David), Harmonia Saille and Isabelle O’Cuinneagain. The first edition feature articles- obviously include ” The Goddess Brigit” & “Brigid in the 21st Century” amongst others and there will be regular features including- Herbcraft, Moots & Gatherings, Sabbats & Esbats, Poets Corner, Artists Corner and an article from an Expat Witch. There is also a practical piece written by Harmonia Saille- Hedge Witch Series, part 1 being- Hedge Riding.
Brigid’s Fire is a quarterly magazine and the first edition has been launched in a timely fashion for Imbolc. For information on subscription or article’s, here is the website  http://brigidsfiremagazine.com/ it is in a temporary state at the moment- but you can contact the Editors from there.

Brightest Blessings- Rousing Readings. XxX


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Book of Shadows By Phyllis .W .Curott.

A well written story of one woman’s wiccan journey-

The Celestine Prophecies by James Redfield.

No Destination by Satish Kumar.

A wonderfull autobiography of an Earth Pilgrim.

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