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I got up just before Sunrise- to light the equinox black & white candles- we kept them going all day and night- right through to the following dawn.

I stood in the outdoor circle that my partner created for me a few years back, barefoot in the dew and watched and listened. As the Sun was slowly rising and the birds merrily singing- I could here the newly arrived lambs bleeting in the nearby field and the water rushing over the weir at the Canal further in the distance.

Blackbirds, Thrushes, Robins, Wrens, Crows, Magpies, Coal Tits, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Green Finch, Chaffinch, Bullfinch, Linnets, Starlings, Sparrows and Gold Crests- could be seen and heard- what a wonderful Dawn Chorus they made.

A wonderful beginning to the Vernal Equinox- only marred by the fact I had to work- but returned home before Sunset to carry on with the celebrations. Hope you all enjoyed the Equinox. XxX Brightest Blessings.


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It has now been 5 days of glorious sunshine and warm weather during the day- but with some scarey frosts over night. I have followed my urge to get out and Garden. Leaves and twigs removed from Lawns and Borders- Bulbs planted, some already straight into the ground, seeds in seed trays and sitting all warm and cosy in the Greenhouse.

Spending time outdoors in the fresh air in the Garden- is always soothing to the soul- and with all the buzz of the birds and bees ( wasps) too, the plants peeping up it is invigorating aswell. Time to cast of the sluggishness of winters hibernation and step up a pace to join in the start of growth and new life.

Certainly gonna get some more tittivating done today- besides the crows are cawing- it must be time to go feed them and the other feathery friends out there.

Whatever the Weather- Enjoy XxX

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Winter witchy wrap up.

Oh yes we do need to wrap up too! December, January and february have seen lots of snow and ice and brightcrisp mornings and evenings. I have had plenty of witchy stuff to get upto too. With the Solstice- christmas- New Year- Blue moon- Imbolc- meeting up with fellow pagan’s at a pagan magazine launch- meeting new friends- House Cleansing- bit of feng Shui and lots of decluttering- physically and mentally.

So as Spring approaches and new life begins- so to is my enthusiasm to get with the bigger picture and not get bogged down with other peoples doom and gloom- throw caution to the wind- let my hair down and just enjoy  life and sharing it with my family and friends.

Roll on Roll on the wheel of the year.

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Our Winter Wonderland

Tree’s glowing white with fronds of frost, making their own mini snow showers as the light breeze passes through them, luminous mountains with wisps of mist at their bases, frosty sparkly lakes with patterns on them as though the fairies, imps and leprecauns have been skating.The Cailleach is indeed in all her glory.The breathtaking scenery today was- awesome. The bright sunlight on the snow topped mountains, the swirly sparkly patterns on the frozen lake surfaces and as the sun began to set- there was a pink hue to the snow- glorious. Gaia showing winter in all its natural beauty.

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All seasons in one day.

Awoke to a frosty, foggy, misty morning which turned to a bright sunny day around 11. By the mid afternoon we had rain and currently 9pm we have snow flurries.

Ireland a country where you can indeed experience all weathers from all seasons in the same day. A marvelous, mystical, magical country where I can take time to experience in peace my own spiritual journey.

2010 is starting off on a very magical footing- Natures wonders are full on- for those who take time to see.

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Well, what joy- my first 2 days of 2010 were initialy spent at work and nature decided to show its wondrous self to me. So today Sunday3rd as the family and I went for an afternoon stroll in the bright sunlit frosty air- a young adult fox appeared on the grassy path in front of us- stopped to take a sniff- then ambled off into the undergrowth. Further along on the canal siding- suddenly a Heron flew up from the bank a mere 10 feet in front of us. Very slow purposeful flight off to another less disturbed part of the canal- to carry on fishing.

I realise that we are lucky to live in this quiet rural area and should take more time to stop look and appreciate the joys of nature all around me. So much time is spent rushing from A to B- Workday/eve spent in an airconditioned stale air environment- getting stressed over trivial matters. What really matters is just being happy. My family make me happy- nature makes me happy- friends make me happy. We all need to make time to be happy.

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Just looking out of the study window and it looks like we are in for one hell of a storm. The children are watching twister- just to set the mood. Inside- myself that is- there is also abit of a storm brewing. Work pressures- home pressures and my own inability to press forward- I know what needs to be done- but I seem never to have the time or energy to do it. At work I need to learn to sheild myself from the negative people- I am a very good listener and usually have good advise to give- but I guess I take on some of the negativity I feel from my colleagues. At home with Noel quite poorly at the moment and the kids and their needs- I feel I have no time for myself- indeed I feel I should not take time for myself when everyone else is in need. I have restarted meditating tho- but only for maybe 10 or 15 mins- this is helping. I am writing a ritual for the new moon on monday and this will help me move on and hopefully without the thunder & lightening that seems to be abrewing presently. Brightest Blessings.

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