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I’m Back

Well it has only been 6 years- and what alot has happened since then. We have moved 4 times- and think we have finally settled in our little part 16th century stone cottage- but who knows. Both children have flown the nest- building lives for them selves in England.

We have been here at Druminshin since April 2015- The cottage itself inside is quaint- and has needed very little work to make it a home. Outside was a blank canvas- to the back-basically a nicely laid out patio with a surrounding wall- a large barn- which is Meggies Kennel- a large concrete compound and a sloping meadow/lawn/mossy area with a dry ditch on one side and a trickling stream on the other.

Out the front an enclosed paddock that the local farmer uses for his horses now and again and a wild meadow that wraps around the barn and heads back up the hill behind the cottage.

At each of our homes we have created an outdoor circle in some form or another- but the one we have created here is beneath a mature tree- in the middle of the meadow beside the cottage- so it changes with the seasons- making the connection with Gaia and the Sun & Moon more intense and wonderful.

Holding Sabbats, Esbats and Rituals here have all been wonderful and intense- my crystals have never felt so full of energy and magical workings have been very positive indeed. Having become a Feng Shui practitioner and a Reiki Healer over the last few years too- putting these into practice here has also been a positive bonus to our lives.

I’m glad to be back- and hope to blog on.




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Where did 2010 go?

What an unbelievably busy- blink of an eye and don’t stop for a breath year. So many things acheived yet so many things on the list remain undone.

Daughter went off to University in the uk and we moved home. Those I guess were the big things. But all the little stuff has meant a very busy year indeed.

I am hoping to catch my breath- take a rest- recoup- regroup and maybe get to grips with 2011. Hope to get some blogging on the go too. So its goodbye 2010 and Happy New Year to all my fellow Bloggers.

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Funny New Year

Samhain celebrations complete- House back in order after the childrens party- But since Sunday- I have been down with a bug- hence non or little activity on here. Also dealing with an unsightly skin rash- the culprit- our new washing liquid ( at least I think). Went back to work today and they sent me home- I looked so bad. Not the rash- thats out of sight- just the pale skin & really dark circles under the eyes.

So unproductive- I so want to get on with all my new year plans and I have zero energy to start. So far now- I’ll just keep on with the Hot Toddy’s- Hot water bottle- comfy duvet and rest. It can’t go on forever.

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” Tag” – ” You’re it”.

Oh what fun- I have been double tagged by Mary at   http://tea-sympathy-and-perfume.blogspot.com/ and also The Green Witch at http://wiccanwanderings.wordpress.com/. Some wonderful fun in the blog world. So here goes with the rules- and then followed by the fun part- stuff that few people if any, know about me.

1. Link to the person or persons who tagged you. (Affirmative)

2. Post the rules on your blog. (Affirmative)

3. Write six random things about yourself. (See below)

4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them. (See further below…)

    (Their links, you will find in my blogroll- topright of page)

5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.( Affirmative)

6. Let the tagger/ taggers know when your entry is up. (Affirmative)


    My Grandfathers Uncle was Captain Webb- the first man to swim across the English Channel.

    I suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- which I have been told by my onlooking family is quite funny- to watch- It doesnt seem like that to me! At work they just think I’m obsessed with tidyness! But my work space is MY WORKSPACE and woe betide any one who messes with it- I can’t help it!

    I believe in Fairies and other magical creatures- I have at least one in the house and many in the garden. They do not show themselves but I know they are there. They live along side us on another level.

    I write and have written small articles that have been published in papers & magazines. I also write poetry and then choose a favourite hymn or tune to sing it along to. My current fav tune is ” We plough the fields & Scatter” to which I have written a poem of Thanks.

    Throughout my Adult life I have had relationships with both men & women- I can see/ appreciate the beauty and the foibles in both.

    I have a spent a small fortune in Orchids- that are now growing around my house- I adore them. I once paid £75- for a very small Masdevalia- which is still small and has never flowered. Ever the optimist.

 Now the 6 blogs I wish to tag.

FOX- at Unveiling of a pagan spirit.

one of my favourite and a dear friends blog spots.

Lisa- the tribal Witch.

Such wonderful craft work.

Leanne- at Somerset seasons.

Makes me so want to live in Somerset.

 Willow the Beautiful1 – at My Place.

love to catch up with this blog everyday

Thalia- at Amused Grace.

I look forward to checking in to this blog.-, to catch up & refresh my knowledge of the Goddess. The art work is fantastic.

Marya- at African Alchemy.

Such humour and detail of life in Marya’s part of the world- almost feel like I’m there.

All of the blogs above and infact all my fellow bloggers across in the blogroll are there because they are my friends and I love to keep in touch with them and share their lives along with mine- its a wonderful tangled web of life. Lets blog on & on.

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45 Years Young

Unfortunately I had to work on my birthday- but when I returned home my partner & children had decorated the dining room table and laid out my cards & prezzies. I received a copy of the Secret- Book & dvd and also a beautifully illustrated set of Druid/Wiccan tarot cards. Now 45 is no great milestone- but after my full moon ritual- it is a starting point for a more determined positive change of direction. So here’s to my wonderful voyage of discovery. Brightest Blessings.

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Happy 100th Post to me.

Well I am surprised with myself- I started my blog off originally- as a kind of Online diary- It has evolved into- a diary- family / daily life with pictures too- but also my inner journey and reflections of my chosen wiccan path. It has also brought to me many wonderful – supportive friends- and I spend a little time in their lives too. I am so glad I chose to blog away and look forward to many more posts- from me and my fellow bloggers to.

A blog a day- keeps loneliness away!  Brightest Blessings.

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Well now, I seem not to be able to get back to my blog a day- After returning from the Hols in June- Changes at work- Decorating and springcleaning- The childrens return end July and their respective birthday celebrations- Then the nasty tooth and now a nasty head cold- Where has all the time & my energy gone!

I do believe the lack of summer sunshine has not helped at all- some of our poor plants are running out of summer and will not flower- My tomatoes will be forever green- and at this rate we will be turning the heating back on months before we usually do.

It is hard to stay or be positive all the time, but I am working on it- step by step. So I have uploaded a few garden shots and a couple of family ones too- To help remind me what life is all about.

A Lovely Leitrim Sunset

Views of the Garden and where the Fairies Gather

A riot of colour and a beautifull Rainbow

My reason for living

Sharing the joy- makes it even more joyfull.

Brightest Blessings.

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