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Like Mother like Son.

My partner and I are on a bit of a health kick at the moment- as we both seem to have expanded slightly. So biscuits, chocolate and cake or off limits for a while- Potatoes, rice, pasta & bread drastically reduced and less sugar in the tea too. So the diet sorted- next is the exercise- my partner chooses to dig the garden and mow the lawns and I choose to walk in the countryside. My daughter of 16 chooses to stay at home with my honeybun, but my son of 11 chooses to come with me. As we are walking along- taking in the scenery, the warm weather, the nature all around us- I find it fascinating to see and hear a childs perspective of the things surrounding him. So simple- so beautiful. Sucking the nectar from the clover, skimming stones across the canal,watching the bubble rings of fish taking the flies from the surface of the water, spotting the nesting Kingfishers, guessing the birds from the bird song, jumping and springing about like a young lamb, so carefree-having  nothing to worry about. After an hours walk, I came back not only feeling exchilerated but also contented. Brightest Blessings.


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They Keep me young.

My 2 kid’s that is. Running around picking up after them. Getting them to & from various activities. Helping out with difficult homework. Playing Badminton- when I really should be gardening. Jumping on the trampoline- When I really should know better. Reading books they have recommended- because they think they are great. The book’s are not really a problem tho- easily read and quite quickly too- One my son ( He’s 11) asked me to read this weekend- Skulduggery Pleasant- was actually very funny indeed- It’s about a detective who happens to be a skeleton and the capers he gets upto involving a normal young girl and a paralell world of supernatural beings- living unoticed amongst our’s. I managed to read it in a day- and apparently book 2 is now on sale- So We will obviously need that too, so another little trip out shopping then. Oh to have so much energy. Brightest Blessings.

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