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As Previously Stated-

DIETS SUCK! Well at least for me. I was on the very same one as my partner Noel- After 4 weeks he has lost nearly 14lb- me on the other hand- first week actually gained 1lb and now I am back to 10 stone- which appears to be what my body wishes to stay at. So no more fasting and no more grumpy me- Its back to my cake- biscuits & most of all chocolate ( all in moderation not at the same time). At least I tried and boy was I ever moody- so my family & some of my colleagues are grateful that I am back to my merry self. Brightest Blessings.


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It’s so unfair.

Well my partner &¬†I started a diet together to reduce a little of the weight we seem to have gained lately. It’s only been a week and he has lost 5lb’s and me- same diet similar regime- I have put a 1lb on! OH the injustice – the pain- the sacrifices- I am giving it another week- then I’m back on my much loved & missed little treats. Brightest Blessings.

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Diets suck.

My partner & I have decided a little body shrinkage is required- as we have both expanded just a tad too much. So we have drastically reduced Potato- Rice-Pasta- and Bread, began too exercise a little more and completely cut out Cake- Biscuits & Chocolate. The last 3 being the hardest and the ones that are always cropping up- on TV advertising- in general conversation-Magazines and at the table at home (via the kids). I feel like I need blinkers and ear plugs- as these are the ones I could so easily sneak off to snack on. So far I have managed to not give in- but the will power is not strong and its only been 6 days. The telling part will be when I step on the scales on monday- after 7 days of drastic measures- if the scales are not less stressed than last week- I shall be forced to eat cake!!! Brightest Blessings.

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