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Tired but Happy

I am always glad when my Saturday workday is thru as I have a whole day with the kids and a day for other stuff. This evening couldn’t come quick enough- with himself away- thankfully he will be home tomorrow lunchtime- but 3 nights of little or no sleep has left me drained. So I can’t think straight and am no use to anyone just at the moment- so I’m off to bed- to try to sleep again. The kids & I have plans for Fathers Day- so some serious rest is required. Brightest Blessings.


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They Keep me young.

My 2 kid’s that is. Running around picking up after them. Getting them to & from various activities. Helping out with difficult homework. Playing Badminton- when I really should be gardening. Jumping on the trampoline- When I really should know better. Reading books they have recommended- because they think they are great. The book’s are not really a problem tho- easily read and quite quickly too- One my son ( He’s 11) asked me to read this weekend- Skulduggery Pleasant- was actually very funny indeed- It’s about a detective who happens to be a skeleton and the capers he gets upto involving a normal young girl and a paralell world of supernatural beings- living unoticed amongst our’s. I managed to read it in a day- and apparently book 2 is now on sale- So We will obviously need that too, so another little trip out shopping then. Oh to have so much energy. Brightest Blessings.

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