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I am amazed.

Today Noel & I had to travel upto Sligo Hospital for a CT scan on his back. It has been playing him up for years, sometimes just a brief jolt- causing pain & discomfort for a few days and sometimes he is flat out for days- weeks even. He has seen one doctor after another- been to a chiropracter- and finally we move to Ireland- have a couple of years relatively problem free- then last year a major jolt- which has put him out of action almost permanently. So after a year we finally had the appointment for the scan. The appointmant time was 1.30- the letter did state however that emergencies would be seen first. We arrived at 1.20- checked in – went to do our ablutions- returned and they were ready for him- to go thru to another waiting area- sat down for a couple of minutes and then he was called thru. I read barely 3 pages of my book and he was back out- all done. By 1.50 we were on our way home. Truly amazing and we should have the results in less than a week. Brightest Blessings.


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