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Mabon Ritual

Having been at work all day- my ritual started late & it was already dark- but as it had been a wonderful bluesky sunny day- the evening was clear- chilly but clear. I had already gathered my own mini harvest- so then laid it all out in my circle in the garden. The circle cast – The quarters called- My ritual was one of thanks- for the harvest and the guidance and for the future. I cut thru one of the apples- revealing the 5 point star and spent a little time meditating. I had a hazy vision of strong thoroughbred black horses racing thru foaming white waves as they were breaking on the shore. Once the ritual was over- I left the apples- mini pumpkin- tomatoes on the outside altar. Then at day break this morning- another glorious day- I placed all the fruits of my harvest at the foot of the trees around the Garden and on the table in the faery grotto under the Weeping Hawthorn. A lovely rewarding ritual. Brightest Blessings.


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The Autumn Equinox.

Just my luck- got to work- when I’m usually off on monday’s-but it will be fine-once I have my Mabon Ritual written I shall celebrate later in the evening. Enjoy the Equinox wherever you are. Brightest Blessings.

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