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Missing Me Time!

The last few days have been somewhat hectic- My daughter has exam’s and I have been doing mini test’s with her. My partner has had a bad time with his back and has needed a lot of support in more ways than one. Quite a few colleagues at work have been off with a flu like bug and my rota has been all over the place. I have had little or no time to meditate and it shows- I do not seem to have the patience or the clear calm level headedness to just prioritise and get on with even the normal usual everyday things- I seem to stress at nothing- and I know it is all down to me and my own attitude to what is going on around me. Just 3 days short of meditation- and look what I have become- I am a wreck.  I am a meditation addict who has had enforced cold turkey- and I don’t like it- so by hook or by crook I will find my me time and quick smart before I turn into a miserable manic mom. brightest Blessings.


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