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My Wonderful walk in nature.

Parked the car- opened the door on a cool crisp october morning. Bright an early- around 8- sun not yet thru – but painting the thin wispy layer of clouds in pinks, orange & lemons and up ahead the incline took me thru low growing cotoneaster- with shiny green dewy leaves and bright red jewel berries- and the red leaves of the Photinia blowing and swaying lazyly in the breeze. The blackbird giving a warning call- The robin singing happily greeting the dawn-In the fields to the right the Cows beginning to rise and the mist coming up from the warm ground where they had slept. A faint aroma from the many apples in the apple tree orchard to the left and up above the moon once full- now slowly waning- but brightly shining down on another working day. This is the joy that greets me every morning when I have parked my car at my workplace and walk up the little hill. All the wonders of the nature around me on the journey to & from and my daily walk- set me up for the day. Brightest Blessings


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So the holiday started on Thursday 19th- with the journey from Leitrim down to Dun laoghaire for the ferry. In my wisdom- I allowed 3 hours ( just incase) and we arrived an hour early! We would have missed the early morning mist rising from the Loughs and the meadows if we had been a little later and also the rainbow halo around the sun as it peeped thru the thin layer of clouds. So we watched the comings & goings of the wonderfull boats in the marina and the antics of the sparrows. The sparrows were perched on open car windows taking crumbs offered and jumping in & out of the cars front grills picking off the dead bugs- They are so bold.

The sea journey was very calm- and we managed to see a few dolphins and tons of jellyfish. The journey through Wales as always was a wonderfull aray of green hills and valleys and to the left of us the beautifull coastline.

Arrived at Parents mid afternoon with a flurry of activity as both my parents and both my sisters and hubbies and kids turned up to see us all- as we were off to Devon the next morning. So much to catch up on in so little time, I have not seen them since this time last year- but we would make up for that the following weekend.

I managed to sneek away for half an hour to watch the Solstice sunset from Meriden- The centre of England- it holds such happy childhood memories for me- it just seemed the place for me to be to meditate at that time.

The Solstice sunrise was a little differant- I was barefoot in the garden of my birthplace- alone yet surrounded by nature and warmth and a feeling of such joy for life. Not a care in the world- just peaceful and calm and contented. For the rest of the day I seemed to be full of energy and bursting with excitement.

The rest of the family were up just after 8 and we prepared for our Devonshire adventure. To Follow.

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