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Well, this has been only my 3rd ritual since my Dedication/initiation. This time during my meditation I had such colourful visions. I have been working on my Chakra’s- but having some trouble visualising all the colours. This has obviously paid of- I quite clearly saw- a lady in a flowing white gown against a glorious blue sky- I also saw a white owl against a midnight blue evening sky- I saw wolves with red eyes and an ox with a drippy nose, I could see him lick his nose and it was clearly moist- I could almost feel his warm breath. Now I don’t know what that all means- if anything at all- but it was wonderful. My ritual was to thank the goddess and her god for their support & guidance- but also for some sense of direction. I have been painting myself too thin in all directions and need to focus on one thing at a time in order to finish & move on – or I will never get anything done. I think this has helped and I already feel more focused. I have prioritised my tasks and after a good nights sleep will set the time scale and of I will go. And Andy you were also in my thoughts. Brightest Blessings.


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