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Finally- after being away for 12 days- then spending the last 5days catching up with unpacking- washing- ironing -oh and work aswell- I have finally found a few moments to reflect and catch my breath after the hols etc.

We had a fantastic time- with really good weather- even got a little sunburnt ( unintentionally as I am a stickler for using sun cream- before & after). Will blog all about it over the next few days. Would love to share photo’s, but the camera is with the children- so later there then.

I do love to be back at home tho- but my 2 children have stayed in the UK with their grandparents and will not be back until July end. So it seems strange pottering about the house- just Noel & I- kind of a bit lost and the day’s seem longer. That said we have plans to get on with jobs we have been putting of. Deep spring cleaning, decorating, tiling the kitchen, our bedroom ( which is the last one to be done) sore point!

All the plants here in Ireland seem to have coped very well- we put the hanging baskets in the garage- incase there was a heatwave. No such luck I’m afraid. Apparently it rained the whole time we  were away and it hasn’t really stopped since we returned. No Summer in Eire, so far and it is damp & chilly compared to Devon & the Midlands. My one dissapointment is my Irises- which decided to flower the minute we were away and have now faded on our return- little teasers. At least the lillies waited.

So I will end for now- get my thoughts together and tell you all about our time in Devon, starting tomorrow. Brightest Blessings.


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