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So on Friday 20th about 10.30 ish we set off on the M42- M5 down south- heading for Bristol and beyond. Quite an uneventful journey- passing various familiar landmarks- that always remind me I am on my hols. The Malvern Hills- The Giant Running Straw Man- The Avonmouth Bridge- The farmers field with the almost lifesize model Giraffe and Camel and ofcourse the moment the M5 is split level- thats when you know you have crossed the boundary from hum drum normal life to Holiday adventure time.

We set out a little later as we could not get into our holiday apartment until 3 and as this was the first time in years we had had a 7 day holiday ( We usual have 4 or 5 day breaks) we took our time. Crossing over Exmoor was a dream- The sun was shining- There was very little traffic and you could smell the freshness in the air. We arrived at Combe Martin at 2.30 and our apartment was ready so we got straight in to unpack- quick cup of tea and explore.

We could see the harbour and the sea from our apartment window- and the walk down was a mere 5 minutes. The walk back seemed much longer but then again it was a very steep hill! Combe is a quaint still unspoilt by commercialism little town. The beaches are very rocky and pebbly. I was worried the children would dissaprove as they had brought their body boards. But no- they loved it and the nearest beaches were only a 15 minute drive away. They both said it was a family holiday- for us all to enjoy- not just for them.

We wondered thru the town shops- discussed our plans for the next few days- climbed back to our apartment to change for dinner- Then had the obligotary Fish & Chip supper in the Pub on the sea front. The sunset this Solstice day was glorious- I will put it up when I get the camera back.

The weather forecast for Saturday was a little grim- So we decided to spend the day shopping in Ilfracombe- that way if it rained we could shop & shelter. It merely drizzled on & off and after walking up & down the highstreet- we headed for the Harbour. I remembered there used to be a fabulous artist there. He painted wonderful panoramic views- they looked like you were looking thru a fish eye lense of a camera. Alas he had gone. So I consoled myself with a clotted cream ice cream as did the others. We sat at the Harbour end to munch and Bradley was just nearing the end of his-when he held his hand up and said ” What If I” that’s as far as he got- before a huge seagull swooped down and took the bottom of his cornet away.  He was just going to ask- Would they? Oh yes they would and did. It was very funny.

So back to Combe- this time to the little cafe for Cornish pasties for tea. Well- when in Rome- Well I know it’s Devon – but it is close to Cornwall- They are neighbours. More to follow.


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