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My House Blessing.

It has been just over a week since my dedication- so my first thoughts of where to begin were at home. Today was a fabulous drying day- Warm Sun and a brisk breeze. So it was of with the bed sheets to wash & then dry in the wind. Opening of all windows to let the stale winter air out and the fresh spring air in. Then we cleaned the windows inside & out- what a differance. I then went round room by room with a lavender incense stick and a bowl of salt water, blessing and cleansing each room as I went. When I got up to the 1st landing there was a tiny little bird hopping around on the floor. He must have been after the spider egg nests in the outside window corners and took a wrong turn. I got down to his level to not frighten him too much- he flew onto my orchid windowsill where I gently caught him & let him out. I’m not quite sure what bird tho- nearly as small as a wren- but very good at hovering- like hummingbirds and a good wall/ tree creeper. He had yellow feathers in his tail. Anyway- I finished all the rooms and then repotted a large spikey cactus and placed him by the front door and popped a black obsidian stone in the top- all for protection and obsorbtion of negativity. That done it was time to plant Basil seeds ready to go on the front doorstep later on in the spring. Brightest Blessings.


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