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Who needs a Chimney Sweep.

We seem to have our own natural chimney sweep- it’s called Starlings?¬† We have blocked the 2 fireplaces at the front of the house- only as a temporary measure as we will use them again in the winter. So they¬†each have a huge piece of polystyrene in the main hole- which I then covered with a matching the room decor sheet of wrapping paper. So now the starlings have decided to get themselves stuck in the chimney breast and beat madly on the polystyrene to be let out. It has happened in both rooms now- so I am going to have to wait until they have finished rearing their second family and hope the teach them where not to go- before I reseal the chimney’s. I really can’t understand why a dark dank smelly and deep hole holds such fascination to them? Still so far no casualties- they have survived to tell the tale. Brightest Blessings.


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