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Our holiday exploration for Monday- Exmoor. I wanted to see the Hoar Oak- the current one was planted in 1917- but where it stands there has been an oak tree since 1610. BUT! my map reading is somewhat hap hazzard and the map we had very vague- So I did not get to hug the tree. So we went off to Tarr Steps, on the way catching a glimpse of a small herd of exmoor Ponies- Tarr Steps is an ancient clapper bridge dating back 1000BC- with many of the stone spans weighing upto 5 tons. We walked along the River Barle for a nearly an hour- crossing over the bridge to the otherside to return to the Steps. Along the way we saw Kingfishers- Damselflys- many fish as the water was crystal clear and not very deep. A beautifull tranquil area indeed. Pictures to follow soon.

 This time when we left Tarr Steps- I got a bit lost- again and we came across a larger herd of the rare Exmoor Ponies. They were so oblivious to us- carried on munching away and watching over their foals. We also saw Deer- Squirrels- Birds Of Prey. It was wonderful just watching the wildlife getting on with their daily lives- wondering what these mad people were at- tripping over and hiding behind gorse bushes and boulders to get a look at them.

Then me in my wisdom decided I wanted to see the highest point in Devon on Exmoor. Map reader gone mad- I fell over a stile leading to a view point I thought was the highest point- realising that it was further along. There I was lieing in the grass listening to the Skylarks way above me & the laughter from my partner & children. I still have not lived it down. So we traipsed across the farmers field- found the ordinance survey pointer to prove it was the highest point- then off to Woolacombe for a few hours on the beach- At least I couldn’t get us lost there- everyone else knew the way. More soon.


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