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Where are the usual clouds and the rain? What a joy- It has been a beautiful day – all day- so more time in the garden to tidy & prune etc. What a differance a week can make- The plants & the Weeds are rampant & we are already having to water stuff! I am still waiting for the outside tap project to come to fruition ( it’s only been  2 years in coming). We will have to get more water butts- as the one we have is nearly empty already. Still I suppose I get more exercise walking all the way up & down the garden with a watering can! Brightest Blessings.


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We spend so much time worrying, moaning, commenting, enjoying- delete as applicable- on the weather we are having- But for some people- friends in other parts of the world- what the weather has instore for them can be life threatening. My thoughts go out to all my friends- and to anyone suffering because of the weather. Be Safe- Be Carefull and the very Brightest of Blessings.

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