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Yule is soon upon us

Well, altho the last couple of months have been a painful depressing blur- they are just a memory and the road to recovery and normality is at hand. My family, My friends, My partner and many many people, myself included have had a tough old time of it. So it is always heartening to hear from old friends and catch up with distant family at this time of year. The net- altho not as personal- has actually helped me to find lost contacts aswell as be in touch with family members more often- via e’mail etc. I posted all my cards- all recycled- or from sustainable sources. I will be sending my Solstice/Yule e’cards on Sunday-to my fellow pagans- and my christmas e’cards to family & friends- christmas eve.  The intent to send out love & joy to nearest & dearest no matter how its done- always fills me with love & joy- the more I send out- the happier I feel and it is infectious too. Just like a smile. So thank the Goddess my optimism & joy for life is returning- I was beginning to depress myself a while back. Wishing you all a fabulous Yule and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too.


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Where’d the time go?

Already its the 5th of December- A whole month has flown by- the Flu episode was just after Halloween and allsorts of things have happened. The recession has hit hard in the UK & Ireland- as it has across the world. My father has been made redundant- my partner is now on permanent disability- my work hours have been cut- and a whole host of harsh negative vibes are going on all around. All we can do is go with the flow- what will be will be- take it day by day a step at a time. It is however difficult to be the optimist- but thankfully I have my partner- my children- my family & friends and letting it out- discussing the emotions- sharing these lows & the highs- it really helps. With the coming Yuletide celebrations and the time we will be spending with our familys- I am so thankful for the joy that this brings- and I hope that everyone finds joy & happiness this Yule. Brightest Blessings.

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