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Still playing catch up!

Since Samhain eve- I have been floored by a “FLU” type bug and have been fit for nothing. Now altho I am much recovered- I find I have a ton of stuff that was neglected or put aside to plow thru- including telling all about Samhain and last nights Beavers Full Moon. So I must prioritise and alocate time to all pressing matters- upload some photo’s & share my expriences. Much better Brightest Blessings.


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Whatever you call this full moon night- Beavers or Frost or Snow full moon and also The Hunters moon- which is another name for the October full moon too- Whatever you call it in your part of the world- Brightest Blessings and much love & light for your ritual. I seem to have shaken the flu- but am still feeling weak so mine will be one of quiet gentle reflection & meditation.

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Funny New Year

Samhain celebrations complete- House back in order after the childrens party- But since Sunday- I have been down with a bug- hence non or little activity on here. Also dealing with an unsightly skin rash- the culprit- our new washing liquid ( at least I think). Went back to work today and they sent me home- I looked so bad. Not the rash- thats out of sight- just the pale skin & really dark circles under the eyes.

So unproductive- I so want to get on with all my new year plans and I have zero energy to start. So far now- I’ll just keep on with the Hot Toddy’s- Hot water bottle- comfy duvet and rest. It can’t go on forever.

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