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What a wonderful evening ritual, I have planned for the Cold/ Wolf/ Ice full moon night.  Mars is in all his orange glory too and sharing the sky with the Goddess, which will make for excellant company.  I have all my tools, statues and crystals on the Veranda, along with my Crystal Ball and Singing Bowl, ready for a full moon  recharge and I will be joining them all shortly for a quiet meditation. Brightest Blessings XxX


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We had a funny combination for Dinner last night. It was Burns Night- a celebration of the Scottish Poet- Robert Burns, so we had Haggis, neeps and tatties- followed by a lovely full on Roast Beef Dinner. But instead of the “Balmoral Sundae” for Dessert we had Peach Melba- which is also quite appropriate as yesterday evening would already have been Australia Day- Australia’s national day and the peach melba was created for Nellie Melba a famous Australian Soprano.
I love all these reasons to celebrate and try differant countries foods- now my waist line is another story

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Brigid’s Fire- is a wonderful new pagan magazine for people living in Ireland and beyond. The launch was held on 16th Jan 2010 in Ennis, County Clare. It is written for the Irish Pagan community to give a voice to the  pagan people actually living in Ireland.

The launch was well attended and very much enjoyed. The guest speaker was Ray Sweeney, National Coordinator of Pagan Federation Ireland. His speech was thought provoking and calls to action, not just sitting in the back ground. He  has been duly registered on the Register of Solemnisers, so it is now possible to be legally married in a Pagan ceremony in Ireland. In his own special way Ray shared the story. It took 5 years and multiple phone calls and stubborn strength to battle with councils and politicians, but in the end they gave in and granted him the status of Solemnizer.

The Magazine Editors are Daithi O’Laoidhigh ( David), Harmonia Saille and Isabelle O’Cuinneagain. The first edition feature articles- obviously include ” The Goddess Brigit” & “Brigid in the 21st Century” amongst others and there will be regular features including- Herbcraft, Moots & Gatherings, Sabbats & Esbats, Poets Corner, Artists Corner and an article from an Expat Witch. There is also a practical piece written by Harmonia Saille- Hedge Witch Series, part 1 being- Hedge Riding.
Brigid’s Fire is a quarterly magazine and the first edition has been launched in a timely fashion for Imbolc. For information on subscription or article’s, here is the website  http://brigidsfiremagazine.com/ it is in a temporary state at the moment- but you can contact the Editors from there.

Brightest Blessings- Rousing Readings. XxX

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Our Winter Wonderland

Tree’s glowing white with fronds of frost, making their own mini snow showers as the light breeze passes through them, luminous mountains with wisps of mist at their bases, frosty sparkly lakes with patterns on them as though the fairies, imps and leprecauns have been skating.The Cailleach is indeed in all her glory.The breathtaking scenery today was- awesome. The bright sunlight on the snow topped mountains, the swirly sparkly patterns on the frozen lake surfaces and as the sun began to set- there was a pink hue to the snow- glorious. Gaia showing winter in all its natural beauty.

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All seasons in one day.

Awoke to a frosty, foggy, misty morning which turned to a bright sunny day around 11. By the mid afternoon we had rain and currently 9pm we have snow flurries.

Ireland a country where you can indeed experience all weathers from all seasons in the same day. A marvelous, mystical, magical country where I can take time to experience in peace my own spiritual journey.

2010 is starting off on a very magical footing- Natures wonders are full on- for those who take time to see.

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The Quarantid Meteor Shower

The wonders of nature just keep on coming. Peeped out the window around 2am in time to catch 3 meteors from the Quarantid Meteor Shower which was due to peak at 4am. We had popped out earlier in the evening but the cold was just too bitey to stay out too long. So when the call of nature ( a differant one) woke me I decided to have another look. I was not dissapointed- It was indeed magical.

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Well, what joy- my first 2 days of 2010 were initialy spent at work and nature decided to show its wondrous self to me. So today Sunday3rd as the family and I went for an afternoon stroll in the bright sunlit frosty air- a young adult fox appeared on the grassy path in front of us- stopped to take a sniff- then ambled off into the undergrowth. Further along on the canal siding- suddenly a Heron flew up from the bank a mere 10 feet in front of us. Very slow purposeful flight off to another less disturbed part of the canal- to carry on fishing.

I realise that we are lucky to live in this quiet rural area and should take more time to stop look and appreciate the joys of nature all around me. So much time is spent rushing from A to B- Workday/eve spent in an airconditioned stale air environment- getting stressed over trivial matters. What really matters is just being happy. My family make me happy- nature makes me happy- friends make me happy. We all need to make time to be happy.

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