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Well now, I seem not to be able to get back to my blog a day- After returning from the Hols in June- Changes at work- Decorating and springcleaning- The childrens return end July and their respective birthday celebrations- Then the nasty tooth and now a nasty head cold- Where has all the time & my energy gone!

I do believe the lack of summer sunshine has not helped at all- some of our poor plants are running out of summer and will not flower- My tomatoes will be forever green- and at this rate we will be turning the heating back on months before we usually do.

It is hard to stay or be positive all the time, but I am working on it- step by step. So I have uploaded a few garden shots and a couple of family ones too- To help remind me what life is all about.

A Lovely Leitrim Sunset

Views of the Garden and where the Fairies Gather

A riot of colour and a beautifull Rainbow

My reason for living

Sharing the joy- makes it even more joyfull.

Brightest Blessings.


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A very dear friend will be celebrating her birthday in a couple of days. She is having a really rough time with one thing or another and so I have chosen some things a little differant from the norm- as it were. A handmade velvet pouch with some specially chosen crystals- a handmade card- written in calligraphy- a cuddly teddy scented with frankincense- a little token book of calm quotes- all presented in a floral gift bag with ribbons & frills. I had so much pleasure putting this all together, that I know when she opens them up she will feel the way I did creating the gift. Brightest Blessings.

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