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The Quickening Moon

Tonight is a full moon night- this one is sometimes known as the quickening moon- akin to the first flutterings a mother feels of her growing baby in the womb.

How apt for the pace that spring will be taking and the beginning of the growth of plants to their dizzy Summer heights.

Tonight I will hold a fireside ritual and look up to the awe inspiring moon- 2010- bring it on.

Whatever you do – Enjoy. Brightest Blessings.


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Gardener Profile: Carol Elizabeth

Gardener Profile: Carol Elizabeth.

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Winter witchy wrap up.

Oh yes we do need to wrap up too! December, January and february have seen lots of snow and ice and brightcrisp mornings and evenings. I have had plenty of witchy stuff to get upto too. With the Solstice- christmas- New Year- Blue moon- Imbolc- meeting up with fellow pagan’s at a pagan magazine launch- meeting new friends- House Cleansing- bit of feng Shui and lots of decluttering- physically and mentally.

So as Spring approaches and new life begins- so to is my enthusiasm to get with the bigger picture and not get bogged down with other peoples doom and gloom- throw caution to the wind- let my hair down and just enjoy  life and sharing it with my family and friends.

Roll on Roll on the wheel of the year.

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Sunday- no ordinary day!

Well certainly not this Sunday. It is a New Moon- and so too The Chinese New Year. This year it is the year of the Tiger. It is also Valentines Day. So much to plan and much to do.  For the New Moon- I shall find a silver coin and flip it over and place it on a windowsill- this has come from my good friend Harmonia. For the Chinese New Year- we have a full on chinese buffet planned- just gotta get some fortune cookies. For Valentines we will give each other special cards and spend the day together- lovely cooked brunch planned- then a walk in the countryside. We have been together for 11 Years and 3 months and been happily handfasted for a year and 11 months. Whatever you do enjoy. XxX Brightest Blessings.

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The Wheel of the year is turning towards the first stirrings of renewal, Imbolc is a good time celebrate this with the Goddess Brigid. The Celtic Goddess of creativity ( the spark of inspiration) of Hearth and Forge ( the spark of fire for the home) and childbirth and Healing ( the spark of life). Merry and Bright Imbolc Blessings to one and all. I  started my Imbolc Ritual at Sundown this evening. A simple ritual of fire and light- I held a small fire outside and sent up wishes and thanks, that all the family have written on coloured parchment and later I shall meditate on New beginnings, cleansing and creativity-with candles galore in my indoor space. Brigid- my corn dolly has been redressed with new white ribbons and will take her place at the front door once again-until Yule-for protection, prosperity and fertility (for new ideas- not tiny feet). My son has brought home a new Brigids cross-which will have pride of place on my altar and I am going to get him to show me how to make my own. Whatever your plans- Brightest Blessings. XxX

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