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Well I tried sleeping last night- but I seemed to toss & turn all night. So I have been a tired & grumpy old witch at work today and all the things I thought I would get accomplished have gone by the by- as I’m too knackered to do any of them. Will have another go tonight- to get much needed sleep and hopefully have more energy to get a few things done b4 the big return on Sunday. Still I did manage to sneek some lovely honeycomb icecream in for me & the kids to share- We can’t really do that when Noel is home as he is really trying hard to stick to his diet for the sake of his back. Brightest Blessings.


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Like Mother like Son.

My partner and I are on a bit of a health kick at the moment- as we both seem to have expanded slightly. So biscuits, chocolate and cake or off limits for a while- Potatoes, rice, pasta & bread drastically reduced and less sugar in the tea too. So the diet sorted- next is the exercise- my partner chooses to dig the garden and mow the lawns and I choose to walk in the countryside. My daughter of 16 chooses to stay at home with my honeybun, but my son of 11 chooses to come with me. As we are walking along- taking in the scenery, the warm weather, the nature all around us- I find it fascinating to see and hear a childs perspective of the things surrounding him. So simple- so beautiful. Sucking the nectar from the clover, skimming stones across the canal,watching the bubble rings of fish taking the flies from the surface of the water, spotting the nesting Kingfishers, guessing the birds from the bird song, jumping and springing about like a young lamb, so carefree-having  nothing to worry about. After an hours walk, I came back not only feeling exchilerated but also contented. Brightest Blessings.

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Another glorious day Outside and in the Garden was had by all the family. Children bike riding- trampolining and the odd game of badminton between the mowing. I added some more wonderful herbs to my little herb patch- and weeded the bed and removed naughty bugs ( Weevils, slugs, snails and wire worms). My partner would have disposed of them in a quite differant manner if he had been doing the job- but my son & I traipsed all the way up to the top of the back garden and put the weeds & the bugs in the empty field behind. Live & let live. Just before we were about to water everything in the storm clouds arrived and promptly delivered the water & with the lightening added extra nitrogen to give all plantlife a boost. A fitting end to a day of simple things and much achievement. Brightest Blessings.

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