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So today- Tuesday 24th- we set out bright & early- with sandwiches- squash & sun lotion to spend the day on the beach. Not my usual thing really- I get bored- I don’t like to sunbathe- I like to do. Woolacombe has miles of beach and also some interesting dunes. So the kids body boarded on & off- flew the stunt kite a few times and had fun with the frisbee. While I minded the paraphernalia we had brought along. This was the day I got burnt- altho the sun was barely peeping thru the thin cloud layer. Yes I had a high factor on and most of me was covered up! But it did catch my chest & lower legs.

So I meditated- self reikied- read a book and generally watched the world go by. The seagulls were even more bold than the other day- walking right up to our bags- expecting to find unattended sandwiches or crisps. I did see them getting away with some stuff from other peoples bags. Bradley thought it was hilarious- He held up a piece of sarni and then once 1 or 2 seagulls seemed interested he legged it down the beach and pretended to fall over as a whole flock of them swooped at him. He was totally unafraid- but once he had been pooped on he soon changed his mind.

When the kids came back to dry out & eat- I had a wonder on the dunes- there seems to be a lot of conservation going for the wild life- bird life & plant life- So well done Devon.

It was a full day well spent and well enjoyed. The following day Wednesday 25th we visited Saunton sands- another very long beach. The activity here was much more rough & rugged. The waves much higher and speedier. Surfers and water skiers and kite surfers a plenty so the kids did’n’t feel so out of place. Again another good day.

Our final full day- we spent in Ilfracombe and Combe Martin- souvenir shopping etc and sampling the pasties & ice creams and the clotted cream teas. It is a good job we did alot of walking or the goddess knows how much weight we could have put on. And so the holiday comes to a close– to be continued.


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This May Day eve was spent in quiet reflection after yesterday eve and early this morning. My daughter made me a wonderful Green Man mask which I placed under the Hawthorn. I sat under there then and rested against the tree to meditate & reflect. I am a Reiki practitioner -so  I placed my hands on the trunk of the tree and could feel tremendous tingling & warmth- feeling the flow of the universal life force- Magnificent. Although we had showers on & of today- it remained dry for me in the twilight- so I stayed a good while until it was quite dark and came in feeling very calm and at peace. Brightest Blessings.

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A bubble of Protection.

Having recently gained my level 2 Reiki, I am doing a self treatment daily and I also Meditate daily too. At the end of both sessions, I visualize myself in a beautifull rainbow coloured ball- ( Think of the ones you blew as a child) and then I imagine it has a reflective surface when negativity comes at it- which sends it right back to where it originated. Brightest Blessings.

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