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The Evil Weevil

Well- here we are again- the battle of the Vine Weevil and my prized Heuchera’s. Last year it was 4-1 to me and it appears to be 4-2 to them this year. I decided to have a good look at my Heuchera’s- pull off the old leaves- change the soil and feed them up for a good show. Only to find the Weevil larvae have been happily munching thru them just below soil root & stem. I am livid and obviously need to take some drastic action. All the old soil has been deposited into the unused field next door and all plants inspected and broken down into smaller unaffected plants. Now I just need to get hold of some nematoads to organically sort these little critters out. Anyone else have any ideas to save this happening next year- other than no more heuchera’s? Brightest Blessings.


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