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Happy Winter Solstice

The shortest day to the longest night- and so from darkness into light.  A time to celebrate what has been and what is to come. To be thankful for all the good and for the experience of the not so good- for this will make us stronger. To join with friends and family share in the festivities of the season and just enjoy the company. Wishing all my friends a wonderful Solstice and a fantabulous Yule. Brightest Blessings.


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November Witchy Wrap Up

Little bit late for November- but what a witchy month it was. Samhain Ritual, where I managed to spend sometime with the ancesters- New Moon Esbat, sending out some positive vibes to friends in need-Crystals to balance the Chakra’s as mine have been some what out of balance since the Summer-Pendulum Dowsing, to decide which path to take-Runecasting-Faery & Tarot card reading, also to help with some important decisions¬†and a little long distance Reiki for my Boss’s Father and some home- self and family Reiki.

So now the festive season of Yule will soon be upon us and its a time to get together and celebrate companionship and be thankful for what we have.

Brightest Blessings XxX

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