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To just be there

A very dear friend and colleague at work- recently lost a best mate- due to a motoring accident- quite out of the blue and at a young age 26. She was unconsolable for many hours and because she was in a differant country- had to make arrangements to get back to the Uk for the funeral. It was so difficult to know what to say & do- she really needed to be with family and the friends of her mate- but couldn’t be for awhile- with flight arrangements and all. All I could do was be there- Get her safely home- make a cuppa- be a shoulder to cry on. She flew to the Uk Tuesday & returned Friday. I still wonder if I could have done or said more- I felt quite sick in the stomach for her- and now she is back with us- it is still dificult to know what to say or do. I suppose- to just be there- when she needs me will be enough. Brightest Blessings.


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