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Finding Time to Write.

Last Yuletide (2007) my partner bought me several special books in which to write my Wiccan Journey. I have a book of Spells, a book of Dreams, a book of Shadows and another with an engraving of the Green Man on the cover. They remain in my Ritual/ Meditation room as yet untouched. I never seem to have the time to put everything down in writing, nor do I want to just scribble away. The books are beautifully engraved/ Carved designs and really only a good calligraphy style would do them justice. So I look at them as I gather my thoughts on the computer or in my study books- with a mind to one day- put calligraphy pen to paper and write in them. Brightest Blessings.


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Where did it all begin?

How did I come to be on this path? A question my mother would love to know the answer to!

As I look back on my childhood- there is no one point I could say ” Ah- that’s when it happened”.  Brought up in a Church of England family, one set of Grandparents were the Church wardens at their tiny Oxfordshire village. At school we barely touched on other people’s beliefs and religions. But I do remember feeling that my parents way- was not the only way from quite a young age. I was an avid reader from around 5 onwards and vividly recall having to go to the junior library as the infant ones seemed too basic & silly. It was always facts or complete fantasy- nothing inbetween. As I approached my teens and had more freedom to choose, I began to collect allsorts of books. From Alternative Medicines to Self Help, Buhdism, Witchcraft etc etc.

I have always had a real love for nature- being outdoors- loving all creatures- nurturing & growing things and from my Grandma, Home baking and recycling- she could find a use for everything.Fascinated by the power of nature- The weather- The cycles of the Sun & Moon. Storm watching- the patterns created by lightening. Marveling at intricate ice & snow flakes like lacey doilies. Mist & Rainbows, I have endless photo’s of Rainbows- In fact the vast majority of my photo’s are scenery & nature, very few people.

 As soon as I could drive I was away on my travels- me my VW Beetle and my dog Sammy. Generally heading for the Sea- but also to Stone Henge, Glastonbury, Tintagel, The Merry Maids of Lamorna. Drawn to these places without really knowing why. Just drinking in the atmosphere- feeling energised, invigorated, inspired and at peace, intoxicating and unforgetable.

Well, here I am now having found a name for the way I am! That I do belong and am not the odd one out. I have finally found a place to call home and have joined a very large family. Brightest Blessings.

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I have unofficially been on this Wiccan Path for over 20 years. I am now finally out of the closet- completed my official year & a day of practice & study and have chosen to dedicate myself to the Goddess and her God and the Wiccan Way. At the Spring Equinox- I did just that.

A private affair- between myself & the Goddess. I spent most of the day in quiet contemplation, taking things easy and slowly-carefully making preparations for the ritual. Early in the evening I took a ritual bath and then later spent a good hour meditating outside beneath the light of the moon. The ritual was held indoors as it was very cold outside.

Circle cast, quarters called, Goddess & God invited, vows made. I then sat in the comfort of my circle- breathing in the peaceful calm atmosphere. 

It’s difficult to describe how I felt, am feeling but I suppose its like the feeling you get when a puzzle finally makes sense. I really do feel I have moved onwards/ upwards and am so looking forward to progressing further on my chosen path. Brightest Blessings.

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Our Special Day

ready-for-a-feast.jpgMy wonderful soulmate and very best friend of 9 years and I were Handfasted on 29th Feb this year ( He shouldn’t have difficulty remembering this anniversary). A quiet, private affair- held at a very special place, outdoors in an ancient forest in the depths of the Irish countryside. I crafted our Handfasting cord with 3 seperate coloured ribbons, one to represent each of us & one for love & life. I also crafted a silver box with our initials on, for a lock of hair from each other to bury at the centre of the circle. During the ceremony, we said our vows and we buried the silver box. The weather was wild but the excitement and energy present was electrifying. We had a brief window of opportunity with a break in the clouds and we managed to take a few pictures. Then it was back home for a feast of Roast Goose and to celebrate with the rest of the family. We also planted two Camelia’s in our Garden as a reminder of our evergreen & growing love. It is hard to describe how I felt & am still feeling after our ceremony- like an inner glow of warmth and a silly smile in my face. Pure Bliss. Brightest Blessings.

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