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Just looking out of the study window and it looks like we are in for one hell of a storm. The children are watching twister- just to set the mood. Inside- myself that is- there is also abit of a storm brewing. Work pressures- home pressures and my own inability to press forward- I know what needs to be done- but I seem never to have the time or energy to do it. At work I need to learn to sheild myself from the negative people- I am a very good listener and usually have good advise to give- but I guess I take on some of the negativity I feel from my colleagues. At home with Noel quite poorly at the moment and the kids and their needs- I feel I have no time for myself- indeed I feel I should not take time for myself when everyone else is in need. I have restarted meditating tho- but only for maybe 10 or 15 mins- this is helping. I am writing a ritual for the new moon on monday and this will help me move on and hopefully without the thunder & lightening that seems to be abrewing presently. Brightest Blessings.


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I have been following the tragedy of the aftermath of the Cyclone in Burma and am saddened at the hold ups to aid. Why all the Red tape- why the procrastination. Letting the emergency supplies trickle in but not the aid workers- where is the sense. It is fellow human beings in desperate trouble here- and fellow human beings desperate to help. The people of Burma are in my thoughts and prayers. Brightest Blessings.

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