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Time flies, with or without the broom.

P524007920170621_050320Well here we are again, almost a year since my last blog, no real reason not to post except Life! Been busy with family, the garden, the flower shows, caring for my man. But it must say being in the heart of rural Ireland has been and still is a joy for a solitary witch.

Our little cottage is part 16th century and I can feel the happy spirits from time past. Whenever I get my witchy on, be it indoors or in the circle in the meadow, I feel I am being joined and cheered on by the nature spirits, the fae and the ancestors.

We have been here since April 2015, so a little over 2 years now. The inside of the cottage hasn’t needed any work. So my altar and paraphernalia has its own space on the large landing. Outside we have turned the patio, the compound and the small sloping triangular mossy bank into various types of garden spaces. The wild meadow holds my circle under a lovely weeping beech tree.

When the weather is kind I hold my Sabbats and Esbats in the meadow’s circle and the tree is now festooned with many coloured ribbons and adornments from these.

Although we are only tenants of this lovely place, I do feel so at home. We plan to be here until Noel reaches retirement, another 6 years away. Then who knows, though I would dearly love to retire to Devon or Cornwall.

I hope to blog on a little more frequently. But can’t promise, I’m now off for a lovely soak in the bath after being all day in the garden. XxX


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