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I’m Back

Well it has only been 6 years- and what alot has happened since then. We have moved 4 times- and think we have finally settled in our little part 16th century stone cottage- but who knows. Both children have flown the nest- building lives for them selves in England.

We have been here at Druminshin since April 2015- The cottage itself inside is quaint- and has needed very little work to make it a home. Outside was a blank canvas- to the back-basically a nicely laid out patio with a surrounding wall- a large barn- which is Meggies Kennel- a large concrete compound and a sloping meadow/lawn/mossy area with a dry ditch on one side and a trickling stream on the other.

Out the front an enclosed paddock that the local farmer uses for his horses now and again and a wild meadow that wraps around the barn and heads back up the hill behind the cottage.

At each of our homes we have created an outdoor circle in some form or another- but the one we have created here is beneath a mature tree- in the middle of the meadow beside the cottage- so it changes with the seasons- making the connection with Gaia and the Sun & Moon more intense and wonderful.

Holding Sabbats, Esbats and Rituals here have all been wonderful and intense- my crystals have never felt so full of energy and magical workings have been very positive indeed. Having become a Feng Shui practitioner and a Reiki Healer over the last few years too- putting these into practice here has also been a positive bonus to our lives.

I’m glad to be back- and hope to blog on.




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